Cambridge Histories Online
Historical overviews and contextual essays from leading scholars on topics across a broad range of time periods and geographies. Chapters can be downloaded as PDFs and are printable.
Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920
Created from the renowned holdings of the Library Company of Philadelphia, Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920, is the largest and most significant collection of its kind. More than 1,200 fully cataloged and searchable books, pamphlets, almanacs, broadsides and ephemera cover the history of this broad region from the 16th century to the early 20th century.
Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1: 1718-1876
Historical Caribbean newspapers most published in the English language; some also in Spanish, French, and Danish.
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
Indexes electronic and print publications from the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the U.S. government. The CGP contains descriptive records for historical and current publications and provides direct links to those that are available online.

Dates of Coverage: 1976 -

Chemical Abstracts
Merges Chemical Abstracts, chemical compound data from CAS Registry, chemical reactions from CASReact, and Medline.  More information

Access requires individual registration, from (on campus users only).  

Chicano Database
Citations to articles and books on all aspects of the Mexican-American, Chicano and broader Latino experience. Broad subject coverage includes art, language, sociology, psychology, public policy, economics, history,literature, politics, and law.

Dates of Coverage: 1960s to date
China: Culture and Society (1750-1929)
Rare pamphlets, mostly in English, on a wide variety of topics including the Chinese diaspora, foreign relations, missionaries, philosophy, art and literature and more.  
Chinese Insight
Is a full-text database that provides coverage of a wide range of predominantly Chinese-language journals from both China mainland and Taiwan. It supports information and research needs related to the dynamic Greater China region. Content is indexed in both Chinese and English. 
Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953)
Collection of 12 English-language newspapers from China covering 1832-1953, and representing a wide range of regions and cities including Canton, Peking and Shanghai
CHOICE Reviews

Monthly collection of recommended titles in academia (both print and digital content).  

Chronicling America: Historical American Newspapers
A collection of freely accessible historical American newspapers from all regions of the United States, developed by the Library of Congress. 
Dates of coverage: 1836-1922
CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online)
Includes working papers, policy briefs, case studies, videos and course packs, as well as journal articles and books.  Sources range from NGOs and think tanks to university-based research institutes.

Dates of Coverage: 1991-
Indexing and full text coverage for journals in nursing, biomedicine, health sciences librarianship, alternative/complementary medicine, consumer health.

Dates of Coverage: 1937-

CiNii Articles Help Guide
CiNii Article Database is a Japanese scholarly journal index. Abstracts are available. Includes NDL Zasshi Kiji Sakuin search. Many full text articles from Daigaku Kiyo are available in pdf. Can search holding institutions. Can save your bibliographic information in three different formats.
CiNii Articles Database is developed and managed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII)

Main databases included in CiNii Articles:

  1. Electronic Library Service Academic Society Journals (National Institute of Informatics)
  2. Electronic Library Service Research Bulletins (joint input from each university)
  3. Citation Database for Japanese Publications (National Institute of Informatics)
  4. Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (National Diet Library)
  5. Institutional Repository (Universities, etc.)   JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online
  6. J-STAGE Journal@rchive (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

CiNii Books Help Guide
is a service that enables searching of information on books and journals that are held in university libraries in Japan. It is possible to search for about 10 million titles held in 1200 university libraries (totaled over 100 million books), and about 1.5 million authors of these books that has been accumulated through <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="" "="">the online cataloging system (NACSIS-CAT) which NII provides. It is available for anyone without registering.
Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Great Society
Premier archive of official publications and primary source material related to civil rights in the United States from the 19th century through the 20th century.
Clase and Periodica
Clase and Periodica is an index of articles, essays, book reviews, monographs, conference proceedings, technical reports, interviews and brief notes published in journals edited in 24 different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as from publications that focus on Pan-American issues.

CLASE indexes documents published in Latin American journals specializing in the social sciences and humanities. PERIODICA covers journals specializing in science and technology. Together, they offer access to citations from documents published in 2,600 scholarly journals published in the Spanish, Portuguese, French and English languages.

Dates of Coverage: 1975- (Clase); 1978- (Periodica).

Cleveland News Index
Citations to local news stories, feature articles and reviews from: Plain Dealer (1983-June 1999; Cleveland Magazine (1983- ); Northern Ohio Live (Sept. 1990- ); Ohio Magazine (1990- ). Includes obituaries since 1976. Dates of Coverage: 1983 to date
Common Chemistry
CAS Registry Number®, chemical names (both formal and common), molecular formulas, and structures or sequences for ~7900 chemicals of widespread general public interest.
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Scholarly journal and trade magazine articles on all aspects of communication, rhetoric, journalism, film and television studies.

A comprehensive interdisciplinary engineering database. Contains abstracts from journals, conference papers and proceedings, and technical reports worldwide.

Dates of Coverage: 1884-present

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
Covers the spectrum of the applied sciences, including the many engineering disciplines, computer theory, and new technologies.
Criminal Justice Abstracts
Indexes journal articles in the areas of criminology, corrections, prisons, substance abuse and addictions, criminal law, policing, criminal investigation, probation, and parole.
Current Digest of the Chinese Press (2011 to date)

Selections from Chinese newspapers translated into English; subject coverge includes Chinese politics and culture, international relations and security, and business and the economy.

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