Data-Planet: Statistical Datasets
Large repository of harmonized datasets from a variety of sources, with global and time series coverage.  Datasets allow complete access to datasets using customizable tables, graphs and maps, with numerous output formats available (Excel, PDF, delimited text, SAS, SPSS, XML, Shapefile GIS).
Data-Planet: Statistical Ready-Reference
Large repository of harmonized datasets from a variety of sources, with global and time series coverage.  Data-Planet Statistical Ready-reference provides access to individual pre-set graphs of time series data for over 250,000 measures. Graphs draw from the most recent data available, and are easy for non-specialists to use.
Derwent Innovations Index (via Web of Science)
Access to cited and citing patents, cited articles, and full-text patent data sources. Sections include Chemical, Electrical and Electronic, and Engineering.
Design and Applied Arts Index
Indexes articles, news items, and reviews. Broad range of materials are covered, from textiles and ceramics to glass, wood, and metal.  Topics include jewelry, furniture, fashion, typography, landscape architecture, web and computer-aided design, computer graphics, and animation, plus business-oriented subjects such as advertising, packaging, and industrial design.
Dates of coverage:  1973 to date
Digital National Security Archive
Collections of declassified government documents covering world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from 20th and 21st centuries.
Digital Scores

Dolphin Embryo Microscopic Slides
Scanned images of histological sections, with many sections per single embryo.
DRAM: Database of Recorded American Music
DRAM: Database of Recorded American Music includes over 1,200 CDs (7,500 compositions). The basis for the current collection is the diverse catalogue of American music recordings by New World Records.
Drama Online
A digital library of plays from Aeschylus to the present day. Also includes critical analysis, contextual information, and reference information
Content-based database searching full-text Chinese books, articles, theses, web pages, newspapers. Results are readable on-line, or sendable by email to oneself.
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