Any Subject/Multidisciplinary
19th Century French Art
AAST / CAST 240: How to win a beauty pageant
AAST / HIST 125: Modern African History
AAST 131 / RELG 281: Traditional African Cosmology and Religions
AAST 132: Introduction to African Studies
AAST 202: African American History since 1865
AAST 227: St. Domingue/Haiti in the Atlantic World
AAST 229: Radical Thinkers and Movements in the Caribbean
AAST 235: Government & Politics of Africa
AAST 280: Africana Philosophies of Education
AAST 285: African American Women's History
AAST 357: Empire and Resistance in the Caribbean
African Art
Africana Studies
Ancient Art and Architecture
Ancient Rome: Architecture and Monuments
another test
ANTH 101: Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Appraising and Conserving Works of Art
Architecture Call Number Guide (LC)
Art & Architecture
ARTS 324 Early Baroque Art in Rome and Naples
ARTS 342: Art of the Hispanic World
ARTS 349: Art, Poltics & Relgion in 16th Italy
Bi-Lingual Art Dictionaries
Books & E-Books
CAST 100
CAST 100:Intro to Comparative American Studies (Kozol)
CAST 201 / CAST 286
CAST 202: Visible Bodies / Politics of Sexuality
CAST 203: For Better or Worse: Marriage & Family in American Culture
CAST 204: Asian Americans in Popular Culture
CAST 223: Introduction to Native Studies
CAST 237: Latinas/os in the Midwest
CAST 256: Im/migration in US History
CAST 300: Field Based Research
CAST 307:Asian American Women & Memory
CAST 319: Sexual "Absences"
CAST 333: Trans*Gender Studies
CAST 400: Expanding the Archive
Chinese Art - General
Chinese Studies
Cinema & Media Studies
CLAS 203 The City in Antiquity
CLAS 240: Identity and Citizenship in Ancient Democracy
Classical Indian Vedic Culture
Comparative American Studies
Computer Science
Data Management
Dissertations, Theses, Proceedings & Papers
East Asian Studies
Elections 2012
Elections 2014
Elections 2016
ENGL 252: American Origin Stories
ENGL 258: August Wilson's Century Cycle
ENGL 267: Ethnic American Identities
ENGL 377: Victorian Literature & Science
ENGL 400: Senior Tutorial (Johns)
ENGL 438: Literary Cognitive Linguistics
Environmental Studies
Finding Primary Sources in OBIS
Foundation Directory Online
FREN 304: History of French Creole
FREN 445: From the Harem to Hip-hop
FYS107 Making Sense of Science
FYSP 021 Books of Hours: Pictures & Prayer in Medieval & Renaissance Religion
FYSP 024: Justice in America?
FYSP 027: Dangerous Allies
FYSP 028: Cryptography
FYSP 030: Hate Speech: An Interdisciplinary Approach
FYSP 032: Science fiction thinking
FYSP 034: Values of Higher Education
FYSP 038: From Creation to Apocalypse
FYSP 043: Everyday Life in Twentieth Century European Dictatorships
FYSP 047: Riffing & Sampling
FYSP 048 Robin Hood Across the Ages
FYSP 054: Plague!
FYSP 057: Disability in Literature
FYSP 071: Pirates & Piracy
FYSP 076: Privileged & Marginalized
FYSP 081: Modernism as Media
FYSP 084: Thinking About Thinking
FYSP 093: Disability
FYSP 103: Bridging the Mind/Body Divide
FYSP 110: Black Women & Liberation
FYSP 114: Know Your Place
FYSP 115: Inclusion & Exclusion: Germany and the African Diaspora
FYSP 117: Nature and Environment in East Asian Culture
FYSP 124: Work and its Opposites
FYSP 125 / RHET 102
FYSP 129: Coming of Age in African Literature
FYSP 136: Ways of Seeing, Ways of Knowing
FYSP 144: Malcolm X & Martin Luther King, Jr.
FYSP 151: The Cult of the Leader
FYSP 152: Be an Intellectual
FYSP 172: Writing the Sporting Body
FYSP 173: The French Revolution
FYSP 174: Technologies of Writing
FYSP 180: Exploring Chicago
FYSP 185: The Blues Detective: Riffing on a Literary Formula
FYSP 198: Truth or Consequences
Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies
Global Studies
GREK 313: Greek Legal Speeches
GSFS 304: Transnational Feminisms
HISP 304: Advanced Grammar and Composition
HISP 315: Crossing the Line: Early Modern Spain and Spanish America
HISP 417: Saints, Sinner and Other Cursed Women
Hispanic Studies
HIST 124: Food For Thought
HIST 180: Global Environmental History
HIST 208
HIST 268
HIST 270: Latina/o History
HIST 277: Africa & Environmental History, 1900-2000
HIST 308
HIST 313: Culture & conservation in Kenya's Maasailand
HIST 349: Latinx Social Biographies
HIST 351 Spring 2018
HIST 404: Race, Citizenship & Punishment in the United States
Historic Costume Across Time
Historic Costume: 16th century
Historic Costume: 17th century
Historic Costume: 18th century
Historic Costume: 19th century
History - American
History - Ohio
History - World
Installation & Site-specific art
International Law
Islamic Art & Architecture: Images & Maps
Islamic Art & Architecture: Key Sources & Encyclopedias
Italian Renaissance Art
Japanese Art
Japanese Digital Images and Maps
Japanese Prints - Edo Period (1600 -1868)
Japanese Studies
Jewish Studies
Journal Finder
Language & Linguistics
Latin American Studies
Law, Legislation & Public Policy
LEAD 150: Approaches to Learning
Literature Review
Medicine & Health
Medieval Art & Architecture
Medieval Art & Architecture Images
Medieval Iconography
Medieval Women's Religious Visions
Middle East & North African Studies
Modern Art
Modern Art - Primary Sources
Modern Art Image Sources
Modern Art Journals
Modern Chinese Art
Music - Additional Resources
Music - Audio & Video Files
Music - Conducting & Ensembles
Music - Contemporary
Music - Digital Scores
Music - Historical Performance
Music - Jazz
Music - Keyboard Studies
Music - Strings
Music - Vocal Studies
Music - Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion
Music -- 16th and 17th Century Music Treatises
Music -- Historic Brass and Percussion Treatises
Music -- Historic Keyboard Treatises
Music -- Historic Stringed Instrument Treatises
Music -- Historic Woodwind Treatises
Music -- Milt Hinton Listening Guide
Music Education
Music Theory
Music web 24/7 - new
Native American Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies
News - Current
News - Historical
Northern Renaissance Art - Basic Sources
Oberlin History
OC Summer Research Students
Open Access
OPTH 305 Opera Workshop
Peace & Conflict Studies
Pentecostal Religion in the United States
Performance Art
PHIL 236: Feminism in Arts and Sciences
Pioneer Academics (spring)
Pioneer Academics (Summer)
Pioneer Academics: Sources by Fields (spring)
Pioneer Academics: Sources by Fields (summer)
Political Economy of Advanced Capitalism
Politics & Poetics of the Essay Film
Politics - American
Politics - World
Politics 402: American Democracy: Law & Policy
POLT 114: Political Change in Western Europe
POLT 120: Intro to International Politics
POLT 223: Global Political Economy
POLT 247: Transnational Movements, Advocacy, and Contentious Politics
POLT 264: Urban Politics in Developing Cities
POLT 267: European Politics & Society
POLT 325: International Arms Trade
POLT 409: Public Education, Policy and Law
POLT/GSFS 306: Gender and Migration
Primary Sources - American
Primary Sources - World
Print Journals
Public Opinion
Quick Info
Reference & Instruction Group
RELG 234: The Religious Thought of Mohandas Gandhi and His Critics
Renaissance & Baroque Research
Researching Objects in the Allen Museum
RHET 105: Writing to Learn & Participate
RHET 205: Rhetorics of Gender Non-Conformity
RHET 208: American Political Rhetorics
RHET 305: Grant & Proposal Writing
Rome: Medieval to Modern
RUSS 240: Wild Russia
Science & Technology
Set Design
Shansi Visiting Scholars
Social Justice
Statistics & Data
Textiles and Sewing
Tutorials and Test Prep
U.S. Government Publications
Voter Information - General Election 2018
Writing About Art
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