19th Century British Newspapers
National and regional English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh. Stengths include coverage include political and social movements such as Reform, Chartism, and Home Rule, and penny papers aimed at the working and clerical classes.

Dates of Coverage: 1800s
19th Century British Pamphlets
Searchable digital scans of British Pamphlets held by UK libraries, covering the key political, social, technological, and environmental issues of their day.
Dates of Coverage: 1603-1899
19th Century U.S. Newspapers
Full text searchable articles representing most US states. Includes searchable page scans of the originals.

Dates of Coverage: 1800-1899
AAPG Datapages Archives
American Association of Petroleum Geologists publications, including AAPG Bulletin, plus content from 40 other publishers and societies.  Access provided by alumnus Lawrence W. Funkhouser.
Academic Search Complete Help Guide
Multidisciplinary - good for nearly all subjects. Scholarly and trade journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, book reviews, and more.
Access Science
Online version of McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, 10th ed.  2007 plus updates.

OBIS record for print edition.  Sci Reference Q121 .M3 2007  vols.1-20
ACM Digital Library
Association for Computing Machinery. Full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing.  Journals, books, trade magazines.

ACS Journals
American Chemical Society; current online subcriptions plus the archive of 1879-1995 ACS journals.  

African American Newspapers (1827-1998)
Provides online access to hundreds of historical U.S. newspapers chronicling the African American experience.
Dates of Coverage: 1827-1998
African American Periodicals (1825-1995)
More than 170 periodicals by and about African Americans, published in 26 states. Includes academic and political journals, commercial magazines, institutional newsletters, bulletins, annual reports and more.
African Journals Online (AJOL)
Use African Journals OnLine (AJOL) to find articles written by scholars on the continent of Africa.  Although there are not many articles on the art of Africa it is still an important place to check.
An online digital library of scholarly resources from and about Africa.
America's Historical Newspapers (1690-1876)
Cover-to-cover reproductions of hundreds of historic newspapers, providing more than one million pages as full text searchable scanned page images.
American & English Literature
American & English Literature contains many works of poetry, drama, and prose, based on books and other sources originally published in print. Collections include: 20th Century African American Poetry Collection; 20th Century American Poetry Collection; 20th Century English Poetry Collection; African American Poetry 1700-1900 Collection; American Poetry 1600-1900 Collection; Bible in English; Bibliography of American Literature; Early American Fiction 1774-1850; Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare; Eighteenth-Century Fiction 1700-1800; English Poetry 600-1900 Collection; English Prose Drama 1280-1915; English Verse Drama 13-19th Centuries; W.B. Yeats Collections.
American Periodicals (1740-1940)
Scanned periodicals published between 1740 and 1940, including special interest and general magazines, literary and professional journals, children's and women's magazines and more.
American Race Relations: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996
Thousands of commentaries on African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American history covering foreign reactions to America's struggles with racial justice from the Jim Crow era to the Civil Rights movements and beyond.
American State Papers (1789-1838)
Legislative and executive branch documents from the first 14 U.S. congresses, including presidential speeches, treaties and more.
American West
Includes manuscripts, maps, rare printed sources, ephemera, and images that document the history of the western United States.
Annual Reviews
Critically reviews the most significant research literature in over 40 focused disciplines within the fields of biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences. These reviews both summarize recent scholarly advances and prompt new research activity. Excellent database of in-depth, secondary sources.
Publications of the American Anthropological Association.
Apartheid: Global Perspectives, 1946-1996
Translated news broadcasts and publications of the international reaction to apartheid throughout the African Continent and around the world.
Art Full Text (1984 to date)
Indexes 350 art magazines and journals covering pre-historic to contemporary art. Some full text from 1995-date.  For earlier dates search its companion database Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984)
<br>Searching both databases simultaneously for publications dated 1929 to the present. Both databases index the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin.  
Arts & Humanities Database
Includes both scholarly, peer-reviewed journals and selected trade and consumer publications. Covers many disciplines, such as art, architecture and design; classics, archaeology, and anthropology; literature, theatre, and film; philosophy and religion; music; and history.
ATLASerials, Religion Collection
Full text from more than 100 journals selected by leading religion scholars in the United States.  

Biography Reference Bank
Biographical information about over 500,000 people; includes images, full-text articles, and abstracts of biographical profiles, feature articles, interviews, essays, book reviews, performance reviews, speeches, and obituaries.
Birds of North America Online
Provides detailed scientific information for the 716 species of birds nesting in the USA and Canada.
Black Studies Center
Covers the Black experience from ancient Africa to the modern day from perspectives in history, literature, political science, sociology, philosophy, and religion. Also includes the full text backfile (1935 to 1975) of the influential black newspaper The Chicago Defender.
Business Source Complete
Access to business journals, case studies, company profiles and market research reports, covering all aspects of business, management, finance, accounting, and economics.
Cambridge Histories Online
Historical overviews and contextual essays from leading scholars on topics across a broad range of time periods and geographies. Chapters can be downloaded as PDFs and are printable.
Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920
Created from the renowned holdings of the Library Company of Philadelphia, Caribbean History and Culture, 1535-1920, is the largest and most significant collection of its kind. More than 1,200 fully cataloged and searchable books, pamphlets, almanacs, broadsides and ephemera cover the history of this broad region from the 16th century to the early 20th century.
Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1: 1718-1876
Historical Caribbean newspapers most published in the English language; some also in Spanish, French, and Danish.
China: Culture and Society (1750-1929)
Rare pamphlets, mostly in English, on a wide variety of topics including the Chinese diaspora, foreign relations, missionaries, philosophy, art and literature and more.  
Chinese Insight
Is a full-text database that provides coverage of a wide range of predominantly Chinese-language journals from both China mainland and Taiwan. It supports information and research needs related to the dynamic Greater China region. Content is indexed in both Chinese and English. 
Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953)
Collection of 12 English-language newspapers from China covering 1832-1953, and representing a wide range of regions and cities including Canton, Peking and Shanghai
CHOICE Reviews

Monthly collection of recommended titles in academia (both print and digital content).  

Chronicling America: Historical American Newspapers
A collection of freely accessible historical American newspapers from all regions of the United States, developed by the Library of Congress. 
Dates of coverage: 1836-1922
CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online)
Includes working papers, policy briefs, case studies, videos and course packs, as well as journal articles and books.  Sources range from NGOs and think tanks to university-based research institutes.

Dates of Coverage: 1991-
Indexing and full text coverage for journals in nursing, biomedicine, health sciences librarianship, alternative/complementary medicine, consumer health.

Dates of Coverage: 1937-

Civil Rights in America: From Reconstruction to the Great Society
Premier archive of official publications and primary source material related to civil rights in the United States from the 19th century through the 20th century.
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Scholarly journal and trade magazine articles on all aspects of communication, rhetoric, journalism, film and television studies.

Computers & Applied Sciences Complete
Covers the spectrum of the applied sciences, including the many engineering disciplines, computer theory, and new technologies.
Criminal Justice Abstracts
Indexes journal articles in the areas of criminology, corrections, prisons, substance abuse and addictions, criminal law, policing, criminal investigation, probation, and parole.
Current Digest of the Chinese Press (2011 to date)

Selections from Chinese newspapers translated into English; subject coverge includes Chinese politics and culture, international relations and security, and business and the economy.

Digital National Security Archive
Collections of declassified government documents covering world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from 20th and 21st centuries.
Drama Online
A digital library of plays from Aeschylus to the present day. Also includes critical analysis, contextual information, and reference information
Early American Imprints, Series I: Evans (1639-1800)
Full-text, searchable scans of source material of all types from the 17th and 18th centuries; an important resource for primary information about every aspect of life in 17th- and 18th-century America.
Early American Imprints, Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker (1801-1819)
Primary source matierial of all types documenting American  history from 1801-1819.
Early Encounters in North America
Letters, diaries, memoirs and accounts of early encounters between Native Americans and peoples from Europe, as well as Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
Early English Books Online
Searchable scans of nearly all existing English books up to the year 1700; this collection now contains over 100,000 of over 125,000 titles listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue (1475-1640) and Wing's Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700) and their revised editions, as well as the Thomason Tracts (1640-1661) collection and the Early English Books Tract Supplement.
Dates of Coverage: 1473-1700
Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership
Note: This interface allows full text searching.
Allows searching of the full texts of the works.

Eastview Universal Databases
Note: Includes newspapers from China (in English) and Russia (in English and Russian)
Full-text of Russian newspapers and English-language sources Current Digest of the Chinese Press and Current Digest of the Russian Press.
Ebook Central (ProQuest)
Note: Create a personal account to take advantage of tools and features.
Full text books in all subject areas.
eBooks Collection (EBSCO)
Note: Create a personal account to take advantage of tools and features.
Searchable full text books in a variety of subject areas.

Comprehensive index of economic literature, including journal articles, working papers, dissertations, and books. Also includes full text for hundreds of journals. 
Dates of coverage: 1886 to date
Education Full Text

Indexes articles from education journals and books. Topics include teaching methods, multicultural/ethnic education, alternative and comparative education, testing, policy issues, teacher evaluation, school administration, higher education, and more. Selective access to full-text articles from about 350 journals.

Dates of coverage:  1983 to date

Education Research Complete
Indexes journal articles, books, and conference papers covering all levels of education from early childhood to higher education, and all areas including curriculum, administration, policy, funding, testing, and related social issues. Indexes over 1,500 journals, with full text for more than 750 journals.

eHRAF World Cultures
Full-text ethnographies subject-indexed at the paragraph level for precise retrieval of information on all aspects of cultural and social life.
Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Scans of over 200,000 volumes published in English (mainly in the UK) in the 18th century, based on the English Short Title Catalogue.
Dates of Coverage: 1701 to 1800
Environment Complete
Covers agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, natural resources, pollution & waste management, environmental technology, environmental law, public policy, social impacts, urban planning, and conference papers of the North American Association of Environmental Education.
American Geophysical Union's leading source for trustworthy news and perspectives about the Earth and space sciences and their impact. Research summaries from AGU journals, conferences, and earth sciences news world-wide.
ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
The world's largest source of education information, with indexing and detailed descriptions of over 1.4 million journal articles, books, documents, research reports, surveys, curriculum and teaching guides, instructional materials, position papers, program overviews, conference papers, and other resource materials.  All areas of education research and practice are included. Many items include full text. Maintained by the U.S. Dept. of Education.

Dates of Coverage: 1966 to date
Ethnic NewsWatch
Full-text coverage of newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press in America.
Dates of Coverage:  1959 to date
Note: Only 3 Oberlin users at one time.
Full-text global news sources, including newspapers, newswires, television and radio transcripts, numerous regional and industry publications, and images from Reuters. Content comes from ~160 countries in 22 languages. 
Film & Television Literature Index
Index to journals, magazines, and selected books covering all aspects of film and television research, including film theory, preservation, restoration, screenwriting, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews.
Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports (1941-1996)
Transcripts of foreign broadcasts and news translated into English; features stories selected by U.S. intelligence agencies for the use of policymakers.
Gale Virtual Reference Library
Handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias  in a wide range of subject areas, including Arts, Biography, Business, Education, Environment, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Religion, Science, and Social Sciences.

The NIH genetic sequence database; an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences.
Note: Subscribers & Oberlin users
Search and access full-text of 40 peer-reviewed journals indexed, linked, and inter-operable with GeoRef.   Includes also full-text of hundreds of technical and scholarly ebooks at
Getty research portal
A multidisciplinary, multilingual catalog of fundamental texts, rare books, exhibition catalogs, auction catalogs and related documents digitized by libraries and museums worldwide.  Texts may be downloaded and are digitized in their entirety. 
Global Plants
Community-contributed database in JSTOR of more than two million high resolution plant type specimen images and other foundational materials from the collections of hundreds of herbaria around the world.
Scholarly, government and general-interest titles that examine environmental effects of individuals, corporations and local/national governments. Multidisciplinary, drawing on agriculture, education, law, health and technology sources.
Grove Art Online
Note: Part of Oxford Art Online, a suite of four art encyclopedias
Most comprehensive art encyclopedia available in English; useful for scholarly overviews and excellent bibliographies. 
Grove Music Online
Online music encyclopedia, offering comprehensive coverage of music, musicians, music-making, and music scholarship.
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Information on 4,000+ species; includes Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Insects, Invertebrates, Mammals and Reptiles; covers evolution, habitat, behavior, and range.
Handbook of the Birds of the World - Alive
All content of the 17-volume print reference work, continuously updated for online access.  OC affiliated users only.  Print volumes location & call number:  Science Library Reference, QL673 .H265 1992.
Health Source: Consumer Edition
Searchable full text for consumer health periodicals, health-related pamphlets, health reference books, and drug monographs.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
Scholarly full text journals in nursing, allied health, drug monographs, plus access to Merriam-Webster's Medical Desk Dictionary.  

Hein Online - Law and Government
Legal periodicals, case law, foreign and international law, documents and treaties, U.S. federal government information.
Hispanic American Newspapers (1808-1980)
Searchable full text scans of Spanish, English and bilingual newspapers published in Hispanic communities in the United States.
Humanities E-Book
Humanities E-Book is an online collection of over 1700 books of high quality, covering most humanities disciplines and area studies. These are works of major importance, from 250 publishers, that remain vital to both scholars and advanced students, and are frequently cited in the literature. HEB now adds approximately 300 books annually to the collection. Titles come from 250 publishers and have been selected by eleven ACLS learned societies or reviewed by a panel of distinguished scholars. HEB currently works with nearly 80 university presses.

Humanities E-Book was formerly known as the History E-Book Project.

Title list and subject categories.

Humanities International Complete
Index to journals, books and reference sources in all humanities disciplines, as well as selected original creative works including poems, fiction, photographs, and illustrations, with some content available full-text.
Immigrations, Migrations and Refugees: Global Perspectives, 1941-1996
Translated and English-language radio and television broadcasts, newspapers, periodicals, government documents and books providing global insight on immigration in the mid-to-late 20th century.
Independent Voices: An Open Access Collection of an Alternative Press
Alternative press magazines, journals, newsletters, and newspapers; includes feminist publications, small literary magazines, LGBT periodicals, the GI press, and campus underground sources.
Dates of coverage:  1960s through 1980s
Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals
Indexes contents of the 42 major art journals published in 19th c. America. Covers the fine arts, architecture, design and photography in Europe and North America from prehistory to the late 19th c. Advertisements are indexed and many articles have links to full text.

Index to Jewish Periodicals
Indexes English-language articles, book reviews, and feature stories in more than 230 journals devoted to Jewish affairs.  Covers Jewish and Middle Eastern culture, literature, history, politics, religion, and other areas of study.

Dates of Coverage: 1988 to date
International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance
Full text of journal articles on all aspects of theater and performance, plus indexing for books, book articles and dissertation abstracts.

iPoll Search (1935 to date)
Comprehensive source for US nationwide public opinion as measured by academic, media and commercial survey organizations.   Data is available at the question-level.
Dates of coverage: 1935 -
JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online
Japanese Institutional Repositories Online, is an index of over 1 million journal articles, dissertations, departmental bulletins, etc, with links to the full text of more than three-quarters of them.
Scholarly journal archive for the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences;  most journals 2-5 years out-of-date
Left Index
Complete guide to the diverse literature of the left, with an emphasis on political, economic, social and culturally engaged scholarship inside and outside academia. 
Legal Collection
Legal Collection is a collection of respected, scholarly peer-reviewed publications including law journals, documents, and case studies. Legal Collection offers full text for nearly 250 of the world's most respected, scholarly law journals. This database provides information centered on the discipline of law and legal topics such as criminal justice, international law, federal law, organized crime, medical, labor & human resource law, ethics, the environment and much more. This database is a source for information on current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world.

Dates of Coverage: 1965-

LegalTrac includes articles on Federal and State Cases, Laws and Regulations, Legal Practice, and Taxation, as well as British Commonwealth, European Union and International Law.

Dates of Coverage: 1980-

A wide range of news, political, legal, and business information from thousands of sources, mostly full text. Includes newspapers, magazines, wire services, federal and state court opinions, federal and state statutes, federal regulations, and SEC filings. News information is updated daily and wire services several times daily.  

Includes the full text of more than one hundred current or historically significant Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) journals, magazines and regional newspapers, and books.
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Subject coverage includes online information retrieval, information management and more.

Coverage database extends back as far as the mid-1960s.
Literary Reference Center Plus
Information on thousands of authors and works, including: plot summaries, synopses and work overviews; literary criticism; author biographies, interviews and images; and book reviews.

Note: on the Artemis platform with the Literature Resource Center.

Full text of poems, short stories, novels, essays, speeches and plays. Includes biographies, work summaries, photographs and a glossary.

Los Angeles Times (1881-1992)
Search for keywords or browse images of complete pages by date.
Mammal Species of the World
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History hosts this database of mammalian taxonomy. Verify recognized scientific names and conduct taxonomic research.
MasterFILE Premier
Provides abstracting and indexing for popular magazines and periodicals, and full text for the majority of titles.
A Spanish language collection of medical research and investigative journals from Latin American and Spanish publishers.
Most comprehensive source of full text for medical journals.  Includes full text of nearly 1500 titles.
Meiji Japan: The Edward Morse Collection from Peabody Essex Museum
 Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was one of the first Americans to live in Japan (1858-1925); his archive forms the basis of this website. Use for primary source materials -- diaries, drawings, correspondence, artifacts -- on everyday life as Japan went through several transitions. 
MGG Online
Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart (MGG) is a general German-language encyclopedia of music, and it offers in-depth articles on every aspect of music as well as many related areas such as literature, philosophy, and visual arts. MGG Online contains the second print edition of MGG, published from 1994 to 2008, as well as current, continuous online updates and additions
Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies
Indexes research, policy, and scholarly publications on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.  Subject coverage includes political and economic affairs, law, international relations, business, the arts, society, anthropology, religion, and history.
Dates of coverage:  1900 and earlier to date
Music Magazine Archive
Music Magazine Archive is a series of digital collections focused on 20th and 21st century genres such as Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, and Rap. This collection contains 1,461 issues comprising 100,696 pages and 91,441 articles.
Natural & Alternative Treatments
Evidence-based articles covering medical conditions, alternative therapies, herbs and supplements, functional foods, drug interactions, and homeopathy.

Naxos Music Library
Streaming audio, liner notes, and biographical information on composers and performers.
Naxos Music Library Jazz
Thousands of streaming titles from the Fantasy catalogue and Naxos Jazz. Search by album or song title, featured artist(s), or catalog number. Includes album covers and liner notes.
NBER Working Papers (National Bureau of Economic Research)
Provides full text of NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) Working Papers covering all areas of economic interest, including energy, environment, labor, health, education, and finance.
Dates of coverage: 1994 to date
NCJRS Abstracts Database (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)
Indexes and summarizes criminal justice publications, including books, journal articles, unpublished research, and federal, state, and local government reports.  Subject areas include corrections, courts, crime prevention, drugs, law enforcement, juvenile justice, crime statistics, and victimology.
Dates of Coverage: 1970s to date
The New York Times (1851-2014)
Search by keywords or browse images of full pages by date.
Newspaper Source
Newspaper Source provides full text for hundreds of national, regional (U.S.), and international newspapers, as well as full-text television, radio, and news transcripts.


Scanned newspapers from small- and medium-sized towns across the US with some international coverage. 
Nineteenth Century Collections Online
Collections include: British politics and society; European literature 1790-1840: the Corvey Collection;  Asia and the West: Diplomacy and cultural exchange;  British theatre, music, and literature: high and popular culture.
Oberlin Evangelist (1838-1862)
Oberlin College newspaper through which President Charles G. Finney expressed his theology.
Oberlin Review (1874-2012)
Oberlin College student newspaper.
OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons (DRC)

OhioLINK Electronic Book Center (EBC)
The OhiolINK Electronic Book Center contains the full texts of thousands of scholarly and reference e-books from several publishers, covering many subject areas.

OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center ( EJC)
Scholarly journals in humanities, social sciences,and natural sciences, as well as engineering.
OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Doctoral dissertations, masters theses, and honors papers by students at OhioLINK member colleges and universities.
Open Access Theses & Dissertations
Freely available masters theses and doctoral dissertations from around the world.
Oxford African American Studies Center
African American and African history and culture including biographies, topical entries, primary source documents with commentary, images, maps, charts, tables, and more.
Oxford Biblical Studies Online
- 15 English translations of the Bible
- Reference sources (bible dictionaries and encyclopedias)
- Images of biblical scenes, characters and settings
- Maps
- Useful “Tools & Resources” such as Parallel Texts, Index of Women, etc.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online
Includes Qur'anic studies resources, including two translations of the Qur\'an, a concordance, primary source documents with editorial introductions, timelines, and images. 
Oxford Reference
Hundreds of dictionaries, general reference, language reference, and subject reference works from Oxford University Press.
Oxford Research Encyclopedias
Designed to be an authoritative resource of reference content in a wide array of academic fields, including the humanities, social sciences, and science. 
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Scholarship Online is a cross-searchable library containing the full text of important scholarly books from Oxford University Press. Oxford Scholarship Online includes both classic and newly-published works in the humanities and social sciences. Subject collections are available in Economics & Finance, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. New books are added regularly.

These books are also available at the OhioLINK Electronic Book Center, where they are searchable along with books from other publishers.

Patrologia Latina

The works of the Latin Fathers from Tertullian in 200 CE to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216.  Covers most major and minor Latin authors; contains the most influential works of late ancient and early medieval theology, philosophy, history, and literature.

Periodicals Archive Online
Full text access to hundreds of journals in the humanities and social sciences.
Dates of coverage: 1802-2000
Plain Dealer (1845-1991)
Searchable full text access and scans of the Cleveland newspaper from April 07, 1845 to May 31, 1991
Polling the Nations

Provides the full text of 600,000+ questions and responses, from 18,000+ public opinion surveys by 1,700+ polling organizations, conducted in the United States and more than 100 other countries around the world.

Dates of coverage:  1986 - present

Project MUSE (partial access)
Note: Oberlin does not have access to the entire database.
Journals and books by university presses and scholarly societies; most subjects in the in the humanities and social sciences.

Also called the APS Journals Archive.  American Physical Society, 1893- present. Includes Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Physical Review, and Reviews of Modern Physics.  Go to Search screen.
ProQuest Congressional Publications
Information about and by U.S. Congress, including hearings, reports, documents, legislative histories, and the Congressional Record.
ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
A comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Use the Abstract as a convenient volume for statistical reference, and as a guide to sources of more information both in print and on the Web.
ProQuest Statistical Abstracts of the World
Digital access to many countries' published statistical abstracts, including some global and regional statistical compedia.  Includes social, economic and political statistics. Tables can be downloaded in Excel format or as PDF files.
PsycARTICLES is a robust database offering complete access to the full text of nearly 80 landmark journals in behavioral science and related fields ranging from education, to nursing, to business, to neuroscience.
A full-text database of APA books, classic books, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Psychology.
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection covers emotional and behavioral characteristics, psychiatry and psychology, mental processes, anthropology, and observational and experimental methods. This database includes nearly 515 full text titles and over 490 peer-reviewed journals.

Race Relations in America, 1928-1976
Sourced from the records of the Race Relations Department of the United Church Board for Homeland Ministries, housed at the Amistad Research Center in New Orleans, this resource provides access to a wealth of documents highlighting different responses to the challenges of overcoming prejudice, segregation and racial tensions. These range from survey material, including interviews and statistics, to educational pamphlets, administrative correspondence, and photographs and speeches from the Annual Race Relations Institutes.
Religion and Philosophy Collection
Provides full text from more than 290 journals; covers world religions, major denominations, biblical studies, religious history, epistemology, political philosophy, philosophy of language, moral philosophy and the history of philosophy.

RILM Music Encyclopedias
RILM Music Encyclopedias is a full-text compilation of reference works and is a unique collection of 41 seminal encyclopedias published between 1775 and 2015. International in scope.
RIPM: Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals
Citations to articles in scholarly and popular music periodicals. Contains more than 500,000 entries. Includes RIPM Online Archive, a full-text version of journals indexed in RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals.

Dates of Coverage: 1800 and 1950
Romanticism: Life, Literature and Landscape
Collection of manuscripts from the Wordsworth Trust with source material documenting British Romaniticism; includes working notebooks, verse manuscripts, fine art pieces, diaries, travel journals, autograph albums,and maps. Also includes correspondence of William Wordsworth, Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey.
Safari Books Online
E-books in computer science, information technology, business, and related fields. Includes many programming langauge manuals from O'Reilly, Pearson, and others.
Sage Knowledge
Dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides and handbooks from a range of social science fields.

Scripta Sinica
The project for the Scripta Sinica database began in 1984. The first aim of this project was to digitize all documents essential to research in traditional Sinology. Secondly, a full-text database was established for academic research. Until present, Scripta Sinica is the largest Chinese full text database to encompass an enormous breadth of historical materials of this scale. More than 580 titles ?new titles?and 423,000,000 characters of materials pertaining to the traditional Chinese classics have been included in the database and have been categorized with meticulous care. The Scripta Sinica database contains almost all of the important Chinese classics, especially those related to Chinese history.
Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA)
SORA is an open access archive of electronic journals about birds.
Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Transnational Archive. Part I: Debates over Slavery and Abolition
Note: Access may be discontinued; contact library staff with questions.
Newspaper collections, books and scanned archival documents published in the antebellum era.
Provides full text of some journal articles, and indexing and abstracts for journals, books and conference papers.  Covers all sub-fields of sociology, including criminology, gender, marriage & family studies, social work, social psychology, addictions, violence, and more.   

Sociological Collection
Provides abstracts and full text of articles from 560 periodicals in sociology and related disciplines.
Indexing and abstracting of articles and other publications on sport, fitness and related disciplines, with more than 240 full text journals.
Searches more than 300 million items - books, scholarly articles, newspaper articles, data, digital audio, digital video, digital images, government documents and more. It draws from the library catalog (OBIS), many of the full text and article indexing databases, as well as digital repositories from colleges, universities, research centers, and other open-access archives on the web.

The Cold War: Global Perspectives on East-West Tensions, 1945-1991
Translated sources and analysis from around the world providing comprehensive coverage of the conflict that drove global politics from the end of World War II to the early 1990s.
Times (London) Digital Archive (1785-2009)
Archive of the Times of London, with full page scans that are searchable by keyword.
The Times of India (1838-2004)
Contains scanned images of pages covering the historical backfile starting with the first issue, all in English.
Transparent Language Online
A web-based language-learning database with over 100 languages currently offered including French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. There’s also an ESL component that provides English language learning to speakers of over 25 different languages.
U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1994
Full-text reports and documents produced by the U.S. House and Senate, broad coverage of topics in American political and social history.
Uniform Crime Reporting (FBI)

The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program has been the starting place for various constituents seeking information on crime in the nation. The program was conceived in 1929 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to meet the need for reliable uniform crime statistics for the nation. In 1930, the FBI was tasked with collecting, publishing, and archiving those statistics.

Today, four annual publications, Crime in the United StatesNational Incident-Based Reporting SystemLaw Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, and Hate Crime Statistics are produced from data received from over 18,000 city, university/college, county, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement agencies voluntarily participating in the program.

Urban Studies Abstracts
Indexes publications covering key areas of relevance to urban studies, including city and regional planning, urban affairs, community development, urban history, architecture, and more.
Dates of coverage: 1973-present
USGS Publications Warehouse
United States Geological Survey publications.  All series and formats.
Vente et Gestion
Vente et Gestion provides full text coverage for French language business journals serving both the academic and the professional researcher. This collection also includes publications covering topics such as accounting & tax, administration, industry & manufacturing, marketing, logistics, technology and others. Formerly French Business Source.
Women and Social Movements in the United States 1600-2000
Archival document collections covering women's activism throughout US history, including papers of prominent organizations and individuals.
Women Writers Online
A full-text collection of early women’s writing in English, published  between 1526 and 1850, focusing on rare texts;  wide range of topic and genres included.
World News Connection (1995 - 2013)
Translations and transcripts of news stories from non-U.S. media sources including newspaper articles, conference proceedings, television and radio broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports.  Coverage focuses on socioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, and environmental issues and events.
Dates of Coverage: 1995 - 2013
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