1. Can I reserve a group study room?

Group study rooms in the Main Library and Science Library can be reserved in advance. Reservations must be made using the online form at least one day in advance, and when not reserved they are available on a first-come first-served basis. See group study room descriptions and locations.

2. Can I watch a video in the libraries?

There are many options for viewing videos in the libraries that accommodate various video formats and individual or small group viewings. For open film screenings, please understand copyright implications. Details on facilities in each campus library

3. Can my organization do tabling in Mudd or hold an event in Mudd?

For tabling requests, please fill out this form. Detailed information about how to make arrangements to have events in Mudd is available.

4. How do I get my own study carrel, locker, or scholar study?

Study carrels: Main, Art, and Science Library carrels may be reserved on a semester-basis by any Oberlin College student. Carrels in the Conservatory Library are not assigned.
Lockers: Available in the Main Library. Lockers on A-Level and 2nd and 3rd floors may be reserved on a semester-basis by any member of the Oberlin College community. Sign up with Bill Ruth, Mudd 118, Administrative Office ($20 refundable key deposit required). 4th floor lockers are for day-use only by visitors to Archives and Special Collections.
Scholar studies: Small offices along the front of Mudd on floors 2-4 may be reserved by honors students for one semester. Scholar studies are limited in number and in high demand.

5. Where is the East Asian Collection in Mudd?

The East Asian literature collection is housed in the East Asian Reading Room on the 3rd floor of Mudd overlooking the cushion pit on the 2nd floor. The rest of Chinese, Japanese and Korean language materials are shelved with the main collection.

6. Why is it so hot/cold in here?

Heating and cooling of library facilities is managed centrally on campus. If it's uncomfortably hot or cold, let us know and we will ask B&G to make adjustments if possible.
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