Researching an object in the museum
Always start with the museum's publications -- as described in this guide -- to research an AMAM artwork.

See also the Allen Memorial Art Museum: Artworks guide for additional research tools.

AMAM official page
Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM)
- Official web site for the museum
- Mouse over "Collections"; drag to Search the Collection for the eMuseum (described below)
- "Search:" box (top right) searches entire site; can lead to useful information not in the eMuseum
Catalogs of the collection
Allen Memorial Art Museum: Highlights from the Collection.
Print Location: Art Library & Art Ref. N650 .A52 2011 (several copies)
- New essays for selected objects
- No bibliographies
- Includes recent acquisitions 
Catalogue of Drawings and Watercolors in the Allen Memorial Art Museum....
Print Location: Art Ref. NC 25 .O25 O256 
- Drawings & watercolors acquired up to 1976
Unique essays for many objects
Catalogue of European and American Paintings and Sculpture in the Allen Memorial Art Museum....
Print Location: Art Ref. N 650 .A57 
- Paintings & sculptures acquired up to 1967
- Unique essays for many objects
 eMuseumResource contains images
(Mouse over "Collections" then drag to Search the Collection)
-Most comprehensive list--not always the most comprehensive information-- about objects in the Allen's collection
-Check the other AMAM catalog (listed here) as well.

Prints in the Allen Memorial Art Museum: Catalog
Print Location: Art Ref. N 650.A575 1988

- A checklist of prints owned by the museum as of 1988 
- Checklist in a ring binder; no essays or bibliographies
Curatorial (object) files
To make an appointment to see the Curatorial files:
Contact Liliana Milkova, Curator of Academic Programs, at or ext. 58645
o   Must be made at least 3 business days in advance
o   Limited to one hour
o   Maximum of 10 files per appointment
AMAM publications in OBIS
Search keyword for the phrase "allen memorial art museum." 
-Contains over 100 titles.
-It's possible to either:
1)  Browse the titles or
2) Select Modify/Limit   and a very general keyword:
Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
- Published since 1949
- Includes articles about objects owned by the museum
- All volumes and issues have been digitized.  Each page has its own pdf; a pdf for the entire issue is also available at the end of the page list.  To search the contents of an entire issue:    
    > Download the pdf for the entire issue (at the end of the list)
    > Use Adobe Acrobat Reader's "search" feature

Two indexes exist:
1.  A printed index covering the following years is shelved with the bound volumes of the Bulletin:
Index to volumes 1-10 (1944-53)
Index to volumes 11-20 (1953-63)
Index to volumes 21-30 (1964-73)

2. Also indexed by Art Full Text (1985 - ) and Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984)
  > Enter "allen museum" and select SO Journal Name from the drop-down menu:
  > Enter your artist (or period, style, object, etc.) in the second search box.
  > Results will all be from the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin

Less is more:
For best results enter broad categories (ex: painting) or a single word (ex:Turner rather than Joseph Mallord William Turner) or variant spellings (ex: saltcellar or salt cellar)
Additional help
Schedule a Research Appointment with the Art Librarian

Writing resources for Art History webguide (including information about the Art Writing tutors in the Art Library)

Pronunciation sites

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