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Atlases & Maps

Atlas of Classical Archaeology
Print Location: Art Ref. G 1046 .E15 A8 1977

Atlas of the Greek World
Print Location: Main Oversize DF77.L43 Resource contains images
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David Rumsey Map Collection Resource contains images
Maps: 18th and 19th century North America & South America, world maps, Europe, Asia & Africa
Historical Maps Resource contains images
Arranged by place name

Background & Context Sources

Dictionary of Classical Mythology
Print Location: Main Ref. BL715.G713 1985
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Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae
Print Location: Art Ref. N7760.L49 1981 vols. 2 pt.1 - 6 pt. 2
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Mythology: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
Print Location: Art BL311.M95
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Art Full Text (1984 to date) Restricted Resource Some full text available
Indexes 350 art magazines and journals covering pre-historical to contemporary art. Some full text from 1995-date. Indexes the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984) Restricted Resource
Indexes 350 art magazines and journals covering 
pre-history to contemporary art. 

Indexes the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
ARTstor Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Over 1 million images selected to support research and reaching in art history from pre-historical to contemporary media.
FastiOnline: A database of archaelogical excavations since the year 2000
Summaries of excavations throughout the area of the Roman Empire.

JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available
Scholarly journal archive for the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences;  most journals 2-5 years out-of-date


Brill's New Pauly; Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
Print Location: Main Ref. DE5 .N3513 2002 vols.1-10
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Civilization of the Ancient Mediterranean: Greece and Rome
Print Location: Main Ref. & Art Ref. DE59.C55 1988 vols. 1-3
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Enciclopedia dell'Arte Antica, Classica, e Orientale
Print Location: Art N31 .E48 vols. 1-7
Ancient art and archaeology of the Mediterranean 
Prehistory to 500 AD/BCE 
Places, artists, and subjects,
Many  illustrations

Encyclopedia of Aesthetics Some full text available
Meaning, uses, and value of the Fine Arts,  Literature, Music, Theater, Dance, Television, Film, and Popular culture
Part of Oxford Art Online, a suite of four art dictionaries / encyclopedias that may be searched separately or simultaneously

Grove Art Online Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
Most comprehensive art encyclopedia available in English; Excellent bibliographies.  One of four encyclopedias in Oxford Art Online.
note: Part of Oxford Art Online, a suite of four art encyclopedias
Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture Restricted Resource Some full text available
Cycladic, Minoan, Helladic, Etruscan through the Roman Empire
Print: Art Ref. N 5610 .G76 2007 vol. 1&2 
Oxford Classical Dictionary
Print Location: Art Ref. DE5 .O9 2003
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Oxford Companion to Classical Civilizations Restricted Resource
"Drawing on the latest edition of the higly praised Oxford Classical Dictionary, the Companion offers articles on diverse fields such as, history and politics; ethics and morals; law and punishment; social and family life; language, literature, and art; religion and mythology; technology, science, and medicine."
Oxford Dictionary of the Classical World Restricted Resource
Also based on the Oxford Classical Dictionary, this title presents 2,500 entries in a more accessible form.
Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites
Print Location: Art Ref. DE59.P7
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Who's Who in Classical Mythology
Print Location: Art Ref. BL715.G68 1993

Who's Who in the Classical World Restricted Resource
- Ancient biography
- Greek and Roman history, politics, literature, philosophy, science, and art 
- Longer entries explain major historical and cultural themes in antiquity, centered round individuals

Handbooks & Guides


Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Resource contains images
The fundamental source for ancient Greek vase painting
Black & white images, descriptions of vases and references
Intends to publish images of all known ancient vases 
Beazley Archive, Oxford University, has digitized the out of print volumes of the CVA
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Mythological and Classical World Art Index
Print Location: Art Ref. N7760.R63 1991
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The Beazley Archive Resource contains images
Drawings and notes of the famous scholar of Greek painted pottery, Sir John Beazley
A selection of ancient art imagebases such as: 
The Pottery Database - text and image database of Athenian black- and red-figure pottery ca 625-300 B.C. including 1500 drawings by Sir Beazley of Athenian pottery. 
Sculpture - Divided into "Casts Database" and "Sculpture Inscriptions Database"

Primary Sources

Early Greek Myth: A guide to Literary and Artistic Sources
Print Location: Art Ref. BL782.G34 1993
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Perseus Project Resource contains images
Includes a large database of images (coins, vases, sculpture), Greek and Latin texts and translations, resources for textual studies, and English word searches of the texts.
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Topographical Guides

A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome
Print Location: Art Ref. DG68.R5 1992

     Detailed entries, occasionally accompanied by maps or diagrams, make this an excellent resource for the study of Classical Roman structures.  Entries include bibliographic references.  A glossary, a chronological list of dated monuments, preface, introduction, and the section of bibliographical notes and abbreviations add to the value of Richardson's Dictionary. Complemented by Platner and Ashby's A Topographical dictionary of ancient Rome (Art Ref. DG 16 .P685) and Nash's Pictorial dictionary of ancient Rome (Art Ref. NA 310 .N28 1961).  Updated and expanded by Steinby (Art Ref. DG 63 .L49 1993)                                                                                    [BQP 8/27/04]
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Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae
Print Location: Art Ref. DG63 .L49 1993 vols. 1-6
     For the most complete and up-to-date survey of the monuments of Rome Steinby's Lexicon topographicum urbis Romae is indispensable. Specialists wrote the essays so they have a depth and length that cannot be matched by its single author antecedents (i.e., Richardson’s A new topographical dictionary of ancient Rome, Art Ref. DG 68 .R5 1992; Platner & Ashby’s A topographical dictionary of ancient Rome, Art Ref. DG 16 .P685). 
     Articles take the following basic format: A general definition and description of the site is followed by citations to and analysis of all known relevant ancient texts. Then follows a history of the monument and the site up to the 20th century, emphasizing issues of interest to scholars and changes in use. Surviving remains are described as are reconstructions. References to illustrations (found throughout the 5 vol. set) are in the margins throughout. The bibliography at then end of each entry usually covers only the last 25 years, but occasionally goes back into the 16th or 17th centuries.
     The Lexicon topographicum urbis Romae presents two principal difficulties for undergraduates: the text is predominately Italian (with occasional articles in French, German or English) and the illustrations are disappointing. (For the latter reason Nash’s Pictorial dictionary of ancient Rome --Art Ref. NA 310 .N28 1961 – is still of use.) Steinby’s content and arrangement are different from its predecessors: Early Christian monuments are included (if dated before the 7th century) and the articles are arranged by the name of the divinity for religious monuments (whether pagan or Christian), or by building type (e.g., Basilica, etc.) for secular structures. Since some structures do not appear where expected in this arrangement persistence is required.
     Thus for most undergraduate work Richardson and it’s antecedents (Nash, Platner & Ashby) are preferable; they are in English, have a similar arrangement and content, and provide reliable information. However Richardson’s work is not as thorough and complete (i.e., not as many monuments are covered and only selected ancient sources are cited) or authoritative as Steinby.                                                [Summary of 3 reviews, BQP 8/26/04]
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Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Athens
Print Location: Art Ref. NA280.T68
     John Travlos' dictionary arranges the monuments, ruins and areas of ancient Athens alphabetically. Bibliographical references are provided within the text. In addition, there is a chronological index to monuments with known dates.                                      [BQP 8/23/01, MJR 2/14/02]
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Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Rome
Print Location: Art Ref. NA310 .N28 1961 vols. 1-2
     Rome's monuments, ruins, areas, etc. including architectural ornament, sculptural decoration and inscriptions. Illustrated; the essays have extensive bibliographies. 
Updates, expands and revises Platner's A Topographical dictionary of ancient Rome (Art Ref. DG 16 .P685).  
Updated and expanded by Steinby (Art Ref. DG 63 .L49 1993)                                                          [BQP 8/27/04]
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Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome (1929)
Print Location: Main & Art Ref. DG16.P685
     Referred to by it's authors, "Platner and Ashby" is a standard for studying Rome's monuments and overall plan. All monuments, ruins, and areas, are included even those now lost.  The bibliographies list scholarship and all relevant ancient texts. A chronological index lists monuments by known dates.
    Supplemented but not entirely superceded by Nash (NA 310 .N28 1961) and Richardson (DG 68 .R5 1992
). Updated and expanded by Steinby (Art Ref. DG 63 .L49 1993) The text of Platner and Ashby has also been digitized and is part of the Perseus Digital Library.                                     [BQP 7Feb'13] 
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Web Sites
ABZU: A Guide to Information Related to the Study of the Ancient Near East on the Web.
Athenian Agora: Guide
* Map and interactive guide to the buildings and monuments
* Includes 3-D simulations
DIOTIMA: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean

A web site for a class of the same name taught at Dartmouth
Ancient Art and Architecture in Delicious
  See also the following tags on the Art Library delicious page. Tags can be "stacked" to refine a broader concept; tag1: ancient tg2: greece
Ancient Texts

Rome/Roman Empire
Loeb Classical Library
Loeb Classical Library
Main Library: call numbers vary
Collected works of classical Greek and Latin authors with an English translation on facing pages.

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