Candidates & Issues
Almanac of American Politics
The nation’s most authoritative source of information about members of Congress and their districts,  governors and the states.

Project Vote Smart - includes candidate profiles, issue positions, interest group ratings

Vote411 - voter information from the League of Women Voters

Pew Research Center Pubs on Politics and Elections
Nonpartisan think tank that provides information on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world.

Political News & Analysis
National Journal
Regarded as the most credible, objective, and authoritative voice in the Beltway.

Politico - Coverage of the 2012 Elections

Non-partisan compilation of news and analysis.

Sabato's Crystal Ball
Analysis of presidential, congressional and gubernatorial elections from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

CQ Weekly
All things Congress.

Electoral College Maps
News & Analysis from the States
Stateline:  Daily News Service of the Pew Center on the States 

Political Blogs from all 50 States 
This Google doc links to state blogs identified by The Fix (Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post).

Follow these links to get to sources from any state:
Source > Select Source Category > My Source Lists > By Region > North America > United States

LexisNexis Academic  
Follow these links to get sources from any state:
Sources > Browse Sources > By News and Business Topics > Countries > United States 

Political Encyclopedia of U.S. States and Regions 
Main Reference JK 2408.P623 vols. 1 - 2 

National Blog  - Down the Middle:
At the Races (by Roll Call)

National Blogs on the Right

Campaign Spot (Jim Geraghty of The National Review)
American Spectator Blog

National Blogs on the Left
Maddow Blog (Steve Benen)
Wonkblog (Ezra Klein of the Washington Post)

Presidential Campaign Advertising
Living Room Candidate
Museum of the Moving Image provides access to more than 300 commercials from every presidential election since 1952.

Wesleyan Media Project Press Releases
The Wesleyan Media Project tracks and analyzes all broadcast advertisements aired by or on behalf of federal and state election candidates in every media market in the country.

Presidential Debates
Commission on Presidential Debates
The official sponsor of presidential debates since 1988.

American Presidency Project (UCSB)
Includes transcripts of debates between Republican candidates during the 2012 primary election.

What Body Language Says to Voters - from The New York Times

Debate Pivots:  How Politicians Get Away with Dodging the Question from NPR

What to Watch for in the First Presidential Debate - by Brett O'Donnell in the Daily Beast

Debate Stakes:  Empathy, Likability, and Winning Over Voters - from NationalJournal

Stars for State Resources
Resources marked with provide easy access to information on a state by state level.
Ballot Issues
Find the web site for the Secretary of State of  the state you are researching - this office is usually responsible for handling elections. 


A free, collaborative, online encyclopedia about state politics, including elections, congress, state executive officials, state legislatures, recall elections, ballot measures (including ballot measure law, school bond and tax elections and local ballot measures).

Voting Issues
Early and Absentee Voting by State (NPR)

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Voter ID Laws (ProPublica)

Voter ID Laws in all 50 States

Early Voting Information Center (Reed College)

Find the web site for the Secretary of State of the state you are researching - this office is usually responsible for handling voter registration, coordinating boards of election, etc.
Fact Checking - Annenberg Public Policy Center


includes 'editions' for battleground states and the Obameter

Washington Post Fact Checker - Annenberg Public Policy Center
Uses parody and humor to debunk false political advertising, poke fun at extreme language, and hold the media accountable for their reporting on political campaigns.

Race Tracking/Forecasting
Battlegrounds 2012 (National Journal)

FiveThirtyEight - Nate Silver's Political Calculus at the NYT

Swing State Tracker (NYT)

Money - Campaign Finance, PACs, etc.
Campaign Finance 2012:  The Rules post Citizens United (NPR)

PAC Track (ProPublica) - Center for Responsive Politics
Premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.

Influence Explorer (Sunlight Foundation)
Provides an overview of campaign finance, lobbying, earmark, contractor misconduct, and federal spending. 

Polling Data/Public Opinion
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll - by Rasmussen Reports

Gallup on the Presidency

iPoll Search (1935 to date)
Comprehensive source for US nationwide public opinion as measured by academic, media and commercial survey organizations.   Data is available at the question-level. Dates of coverage: 1935 -

Pollster  (Huffington Post)

Quinnipiac University Polling Institute

Data Directory (Washington Post)

Election Statistics
Election Statistics [PDFs] - compiled by the Clerk of the House of Representatives
Offical vote counts from all federal elections since 1920

Presidential Elections Data (American Presidency Project)

Vital Statistics on the Presidency

Print Location: Main Ref JK518.R34 2009

Presidential Elections, 1789-2008
Print Location: Main Ref JK524.D47 2010

Historical Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections, 1788-2004
Print Location:  Main Ref G1201.F9 H5 2006

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