Finding General Sources: Books
OBIS, the library's online catalog.
Search tips:  Keywords should be joined with AND when you want both terms, not searched as a phrase, e.g., chemistry and revolution.  
Subject heading search may be more useful for this topic, e.g.,  Chemistry History

Useful strategy:  find a good book through Keyword searching, and see what Subject Headings have been assigned to that book (scroll down in the OBIS catalog record) to find more books on that topic.
Database for Journals, Magazines & Newspapers
Academic Search Complete Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
One of the EbscoHost databases, indexing articles published in all subject areas.  Search this plus any number of other EbscoHost databases by clicking on Choose databases near the top of the search screen.

Find more specialized databases for specific subject areas in the list of all databases (you can access this from any library web page, from the Quick Links pull-down menu).
SUMMON: General Search System
 Summon, the default search box on the library's web site, is a "discovery layer" that searches the content of dozens of databases, including OBIS, simultaneously.  Search results can easily number in the tens of thousands and much higher, since it searches millions of online articles and the full-text of electronic books.

Search term suggestions appear as you type in the search box, e.g.
  chemistry revolution gives way to History of Chemistry as the first suggested search phrase.

Use the REFINE options in the left side bar of the search results screen to get more focused search results.  

Check Availability link leads either directly to the online source for that item, or to a screen that shows options for accessing the item:

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Journal Finder
Search journals by title or ISSN

Key to Icons

Restricted Resource = Restricted resource
Some full text available = Some full text
openURL = OpenURL enabled

Resource contains images = Images
Resource contains video = Video files
Resource contains audio = Audio files

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