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Britta Erickson's Online Bibliography of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Art Full Text (1984 - present);  Art Index Retrospective (1929 - 1984)
-  Articles from 350 art magazines & journals
-  Pre-history to contemporary art worldwide
- Indexes the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
- Covers late 19th c. through the 21st art
- Articles in art journals and exhibition catalogs
- English language articles re: East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide
- All subjects; particularly strong in the humanities and social sciences
- Very broad subject headings can make searching a challenge
Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China.
Art Lib., N 7345 .S79 1996 c.1-2
800+ brief biographies
OBIS record

China Art Book Art Ref. N7345.6 .C47 2007
"The 80 most renowned Chinese artists"   OBIS record
China Art Now. [20th c.]
Art Lib., N 7345.6 .N87 2004
OBIS record 
An Index-DIctionary of Chinese Artists and Collectors, Connoisseurs... . 
Art Ref., N 7348.S48 1988
T'ang Dynasty to mid-20th c.; Indexes alternate names

Modern Chinese Artists: A Biographical Dictionary Art Ref. N7348 .S85 2006
1,380 artists both well-known in China and represented in museums, collections and auctions worldwide.  OBIS record 
The Winking Owl: Art in the People's Republic of China.
Art Lib., N 7345.L35 1988; OBIS record  
(See "biographical notices" artists at the end)
Mao & the Chinese Communists (1950s - 1970s)
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Art Ref.,. N 8193 .L6813 1995
Buddhist iconography and symbolism
Arranged in narrative chapters; use the index to locate specific terms
(Part of Oxford Art Online)
Concise and comprehensive overview of the art of China
Essays on significant modern artists and movements, with bibliographies
Art Asia Pacific
Explores and documents the contemporary arts of the Asia and Pacific region. Includes commentary, exhibition reviews, essays, and auction reports.  

Art Radar Asia: Contemporary art trends and news from Asia
Artforum international (a.k.a. Artforum)
- Selected articles available online
- Print edition in the Art Library from June 1962 (v.1) - present
An archive; Most titles lack entries from the past 2-5 years

Yishu: journal of contemporary Chinese art Art Periodicals
Includes artist features, interviews, reviews and conference transcripts, providing updated information and critiques on contemporary Chinese art for collectors, scholars, professionals and art lovers around the World.
Primary sources on the Cultural Revolution
Chinese Pamphlets (1947-1954): Political communication and mass education.
Morning Sun. (Cultural Revolution Movie)
Posters of the Cultural Revolution (Huntington Archive, OSU)
Images: Additional sources
- Broad coverage of art from China including over 15,300 paintings
- Includes selections from the Huntingon Archive (OSU)
- Overview from late 19th c – 2000
- Documents both political images and advertising 
Index to reproductions of paintings by twentieth century Chinese artists.  Art Ref., ND 1045 .L35 1984  
- 3,500 “traditional style artists” active from roughly 1912 – 1980
- Citations to reproductions of their works, brief biographies, variant names, dates, etc.
Library Catalogs
- One of the most comprehensive catalogs of modern Asian art 
- 20th and 21st century art 
- China, Taiwan and Macao
- One of the best Art Libraries in the country
- Strong collection covering East Asian Art
- Non-circulating
- Comprehensive collection devoted to modern and contemporary art
- Art & artists from 1880 to the present
- One of the finest Asian libraries in the United States    
- All books acquired after 1987; ca. 1/3 acquired before1987
WorldCat - Books, etc., in (primarily) North American libraries
Primary Sources
 Asia Art Archive: Collection Online
Asian Art Archive, Hong Kong
- Growing digital archive of primary source material culled by individual practitioners and researchers in cities across Asia 
The Chinese Theory of Art; Translations from the Masters of Chinese Art.
Art Lib. 709.51 L63C; OBIS record
- Writings by artists and art critics on problems, techniques, style, and taste
- Square brackets [ ] indicate translators' comments
Contemporary Chinese art: primary documents.  Wu Hung (ed.)
Art Lib. Closed Reserve N7345 .C666 2010 (2 copies); OBIS record
- Anthology of key primary texts translated into English
- Chinese art in the post-Mao era (1976-2006)
Early Chinese Texts on Painting.
Art Library ND 1500 .E25 1985; OBIS record
- Translated texts to the 14thc. 
- Arranged by topic
Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990.
Asia Art Archive.  (launched Oct 2010) 
- Website rich with primary sources which extend beyond the 1980s
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