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Britta Erickson's Online Bibliography of Contemporary Chinese Art
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Art Full Text (1984 - present);  Art Index Retrospective (1929 - 1984)
-  Articles from 350 art magazines & journals
-  Pre-history to contemporary art worldwide
- Indexes the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
- Covers late 19th c. through the 21st art
- Articles in art journals and exhibition catalogs
- English language articles re: East, Southeast, and South Asia published worldwide
- All subjects; particularly strong in the humanities and social sciences
- Very broad subject headings can make searching a challenge
Art and Artists of Twentieth-Century China.
Art Lib., N 7345 .S79 1996 c.1-2
800+ brief biographies
OBIS record

China Art Book Art Ref. N7345.6 .C47 2007
"The 80 most renowned Chinese artists"   OBIS record
China Art Now. [20th c.]
Art Lib., N 7345.6 .N87 2004
OBIS record 
An Index-DIctionary of Chinese Artists and Collectors, Connoisseurs... . 
Art Ref., N 7348.S48 1988
T'ang Dynasty to mid-20th c.; Indexes alternate names

Modern Chinese Artists: A Biographical Dictionary Art Ref. N7348 .S85 2006
1,380 artists both well-known in China and represented in museums, collections and auctions worldwide.  OBIS record 
The Winking Owl: Art in the People's Republic of China.
Art Lib., N 7345.L35 1988; OBIS record  
(See "biographical notices" artists at the end)
Mao & the Chinese Communists (1950s - 1970s)
Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Art Ref.,. N 8193 .L6813 1995
Buddhist iconography and symbolism
Arranged in narrative chapters; use the index to locate specific terms
(Part of Oxford Art Online)
Concise and comprehensive overview of the art of China
Essays on significant modern artists and movements, with bibliographies
E-journals & news
Art & Asia Pacific
Artforum international (a.k.a. Artforum)
- Selected articles available online
- Print edition in the Art Library from June 1962 (v.1) - present
An archive; Most titles lack entries from the past 2-5 years
- Selected articles available online
- Print edition in the Art Library from 2002 (v.1) – present
Primary sources on the Cultural Revolution
Chinese Pamphlets (1947-1954): Political communication and mass education.
Morning Sun. (Cultural Revolution Movie)
Posters of the Cultural Revolution (Huntington Archive, OSU)
Images: Additional sources
- Broad coverage of art from China including over 15,300 paintings
- Includes selections from the Huntingon Archive (OSU)
- Overview from late 19th c – 2000
- Documents both political images and advertising 
Index to reproductions of paintings by twentieth century Chinese artists.  Art Ref., ND 1045 .L35 1984  
- 3,500 “traditional style artists” active from roughly 1912 – 1980
- Citations to reproductions of their works, brief biographies, variant names, dates, etc.
Library Catalogs
- One of the most comprehensive catalogs of modern Asian art 
- 20th and 21st century art 
- China, Taiwan and Macao
- One of the best Art Libraries in the country
- Strong collection covering East Asian Art
- Non-circulating
- Comprehensive collection devoted to modern and contemporary art
- Art & artists from 1880 to the present
- One of the finest Asian libraries in the United States    
- All books acquired after 1987; ca. 1/3 acquired before1987
WorldCat - Books, etc., in (primarily) North American libraries
Primary Sources
 Asia Art Archive: Collection Online
Asian Art Archive, Hong Kong
- Growing digital archive of primary source material culled by individual practitioners and researchers in cities across Asia 
The Chinese Theory of Art; Translations from the Masters of Chinese Art.
Art Lib. 709.51 L63C; OBIS record
- Writings by artists and art critics on problems, techniques, style, and taste
- Square brackets [ ] indicate translators' comments
Contemporary Chinese art: primary documents.  Wu Hung (ed.)
Art Lib. Closed Reserve N7345 .C666 2010 (2 copies); OBIS record
- Anthology of key primary texts translated into English
- Chinese art in the post-Mao era (1976-2006)
Early Chinese Texts on Painting.
Art Library ND 1500 .E25 1985; OBIS record
- Translated texts to the 14thc. 
- Arranged by topic
Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990.
Asia Art Archive.  (launched Oct 2010) 
- Website rich with primary sources which extend beyond the 1980s
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