Oberlin Architecture
Architecture of Oberlin College - Web exhibit including maps, photos, illustration, a timeline, and descriptive information and history of buildings and structures on campus.
Oberlin News Sources, Town and College
Histories and Bibliographies
Blodgett, Geoffrey.  Oberlin Architecture, College and Town: A Guide to its Social History.  Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 1985.
Print Locations:  OBIS Record
Contains brief entries about many of the buildings in Oberlin, both commercial and residential, both college and town--when they were built, their architectural style, who lived in them, and their significance in Oberlin's history.

Oberlin History Bibliography:  A Partial Listing of Published Titles Bearing on the History of the College and Community Covering the Period 1833 to 1992 (Baumann).  Oberlin, OH:  Oberlin College, 1992.
Print Location: OBIS Record  Main Reference      Z5816.O23B38 1992

Fletcher, Robert Samuel. A History of Oberlin College from its Foundation Through the Civil War.  Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 1943
Print LocationsOBIS Record  Main Reference  LD4168 .F58  vol. 1 c.3
Online Access:  https://archive.org/details/historyofoberlin01flet
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For the town of Oberlin, use Oberlin (Ohio)
For Oberlin College, use Oberlin College and its many sub-headings.
For county-level information: Lorain County (Ohio)
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The Hi-O-Hi.  Oberlin, Ohio, 1890–2005/2006 (ceased publication)
Online: Hi-O-Hi 1960-1990
Print Location: Main Oversize LD4177.H5, 2nd copies in Special Collections
OBIS record
Oberlin College yearbook; includes class-year photographs, clubs, academic departments, significant events, etc.  Primarily photographs.  Earlier years may include indexes.
Oberlin Alumni Magazine.  Oberlin, Ohio, Oberlin College for the Alumni Association.
Print Location: Main Periodicals
OBIS record
Two card file indexes are available in the Goodrich Room on the 4th floor:  1904-1957 and 1958-1994? (at least through vol. 90, no. 2, Summer 1994)
Contains articles about college events, activities, and initiatives, as well as human interest stories about individual alumnae, faculty, and staff.  Also includes “class notes” section with short entries submitted by alumnae about events in their lives.
Alumni Publications
Published periodically by the college; a selection of alumni directories is at the research desk and available in the Archives. More contemporary directories (1981, 1989, 1995, 2004) list only living alumnae.  For comprehensive listings of all students (whether they graduated or not), faculty, and administrators prior to 1960, use the following; these sources have slightly different information in cases where individuals are listed in both sources.
Hartson, Louis D. ed.  Alumni Register: Graduates and Former Students, Teaching and Administrative Staff, 1833-1960.  Oberlin, OH: Oberlin College, 1960.
Print Location: Main Ref Desk  LD4179.A16
OBIS Record
Wirkler, John E., ed.  Catalogue of Graduates, Teaching and Administrative Staff, 1833-1948. Oberlin, OH:  Oberlin College, 1948.
Print Location: Main Reference  LD4165.52 1948
OBIS Record

Oberlin Alumni Magazine
Digital scans available covering 1904-1960 are available at the Internet Archives
Web Sites
Oberlin College Archives
Mission:  “To preserve the institution's "memory" and support the teaching mission.  Today, the archives of the College comprise a unique body of materials containing information of administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical value to the institution.”  Founded in 1966, located the fourth floor of Mudd.
Oberlin Heritage Center
Mission:  “To preserve and share Oberlin’s unique heritage and to make our community a better place to live, learn, work, and visit.”  Founded as the Village Improvement Society in 1903, this organization essentially functions as Oberlin’s local historical society and historic preservation organization.  It owns several buildings and numerous artifacts and has an active staff and volunteers that lead tours, offer workshops, sponsor programs and events, conduct research, and document community history.
EOG, Electronic Oberlin Group
Founded in 1996, the Electronic Oberlin Group (EOG) was a volunteer organization that sought to make available in electronic format a wide range of materials and resources about the town of Oberlin and its history. This site is no longer being maintained.
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