The Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals (RIPM) provides access to music periodical literature dating from 1760 to 1966.  There are two ways to access this information, RIPMPlus and EBSCOHost, and they produce different results.

     RIPM has three parts. 
  1. RIPM Retrospective Index to Music Periodicals: allows Basic and Advanced search modes. 
  2. RIPM Online Archive of Music Periodicals (Full-Text): consists of original volumes, reprints, microforms and photocopies of music periodicals, collected initially for indexing. Users can view tables of contents and browse journals titles.
  3. RIPM e-Library of Music Periodicals (Full-Text): contains 35 additional full-text searchable and browsable journals not available in the  Retrospective Index or Online Archive.

  • Search 1. RIPM Restrospective Index and 2. RIPM Online Archive, select "Online Archive" left button.
  • Search 3. RIPM e-Library, select "e-Library" right button.

  • Search 1. RIPM Restrospective Index and 2. RIPM Online Archivebut not 3. RIPM e-Library.
  • Search RIPM and other EBSCOhost databases (such as RILM, Music Index) simultaneously.
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