Biographical Sources
Enciclopedia del Museo del Prado Art Library Reference, N 3450 .E53 2006 t. 1-6
With contributions from 130 international scholars, this encyclopedia is devoted not only to the Prado itself but also the artists in the permanent collection.  OBIS record

Illustrated Dictionary of 17th Century Flemish Painters Art Ref. ND 669 .F5 M34 1994 vols. 1-3
Includes artistss' biographies and bibliographies with selected list of works. OBIS record

Painting of the Golden Age: A Biographical Dictionary of Seventeenth-Century European Painters Art Library Reference, ND 456 .G43
Biographies of approximately 300 artists, each followed by a list of "Additional Works" and a bibliography.  OBIS record
Art Full Text (1984 to date) Restricted Resource Some full text available
Indexes 350 art magazines and journals covering pre-historic to contemporary art. Some full text from 1995-date.  For earlier dates search its companion database Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984)
Searching both databases simultaneously for publications dated 1929 to the present. Both databases index the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin.  

Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals Restricted Resource
Indexes architecture and related fields, from pre-historical to contemporary practice in 2,500+ international Journals. 1930s-date, with some titles indexed from 19th century. 

Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) (1975-2007) Unrestricted Resource
Index to 1,200+ North American and European Journals covering Western Art from ca. 300 CE to present. Succeeded by International Bibliography of Art.

International Bibliography of Art (2008 to date) Restricted Resource
Indexes 500 journals covering European art since antiquity, American art sincle the colonial period, and Global art since 1945. Preceded by the Bibliography of the History of Art.

Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance Unrestricted Resource
Indexes academic journals covering the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700) primarily in Europe. Dates of Coverage: 1859 to date

JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available
Scholarly journal archive for the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences;  most journals 2-5 years out-of-date

Kubikat is the collective catalogue of four of the leading German scholarly art history research institutes located in Florence, Munich, Rome and Paris. Kubikat includes both article and book citations. 
Grove Art Online Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
Most comprehensive art encyclopedia available in English; useful for scholarly overviews and excellent bibliographies. 

Oxford Companion to Christian art and architecture Unrestricted Resource
You may need to enter your name and OCID barcode to use the e-book. Also available in Print: Art Library Reference, N 7830 .M87 1996.  OBIS record 

Online and in Print
Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance. Restricted Resource

Grove encyclopedia of northern Renaissance art Restricted Resource Some full text available
Northern European art from the late 12th - 16th c.   Also available in print: Art Library Reference,  N 6370 .G76 2009 v. 1-3

In Print
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Constitution, doctrine, discipline and history of the Catholic Church  transcribed from The Catholic encyclopedia: an international work of reference on the constitution, doctrine, discipline and history of the Catholic Church, (Appleton, 1907-1912).  Use for Catholic doctrine before the Second Vatican Council (1962-65).

Concise Encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance Main Library & Art Ref. DG 533 .C563 c.2
Glossary of Italian terms and bibliography of principal Italian reference works c. 1320-1600, OBIS record

Encyclopedia of Sculpture Art Library Reference, NB 198 .E53 2004 vols.1-3 Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
Western European sculpture from the Renaissance through the end of the 20th century. OBIS record

Encyclopedia of the Renaissance. Main Ref. CB361 .E52 1999 vols. 1-6 Unrestricted Resource Some full text available

Renaissance Art and Architecture. Art Library Reference, N 6370 .C32 2004
This encyclopedia is arranged into three sections: art, architecture and gardens.   OBIS record
Primary Sources
Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture known in the Renaissance
Documents the antique monuments known in the Renaissance  Use with Bober and Rubenstein Renaissance Artists & Antique Sculpture: A Handbook of Sources. Art Ref. NB 86 .B6 1986.

Douay-Rheims Bible
The Douay-Rheims Bible is the English translation closest to the Vulgate, which was used throughout the Middle Ages.

Metamorphoses. by Ovid Restricted Resource Some full text available
Ovid's Metamorphosis was a source for much of the classical imagery in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. 

In Print
Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints Art Ref. BX4654.J334 1993 vols. 1-2
Popular religious stories about the lives of the saints collected during the 13th century; stories were widely used by Medieval and Renaissance artists. OBIS record

Lives of the Illustrious Netherlandish and German Painters... Art ND 625 .M313 vols. 1-6
Biographies of Northern European painters; many written during their lifetimes. OBIS record

Patrons and Artists in the Italian Renaissance. Art N6915 .C4413 1971 c.1-2
Excerpts from primary documents. OBIS record

Renaissance Artists & Antique Sculpture: A Handbook of Sources Art Ref. NB 86.B6 1986
Includes text and images on 200 ancient sculptures known to Renaissance artists. See also The Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance for reproductions of works discussed.   OBIS record

Edited by Elizabeth Gilmore Holt: Primary sources in translation
Documentary History of Art Series Vol. 1-2: Art N5303 .D6 1981; Vol. 3: Art N5303 .D6 1986

Literary Sources of Art History; an Anthology of Texts from Theophilus to Goethe Art Library 709 H742L c.4

Sources and Documents Series: Primary sources in translation
Italian Art, 1400-1500: Sources and Documents in the History of Art Art N6915.I78 c.1-3

Italy and Spain, 1600-1750: : Sources and Documents in the History of Art Art N 6916 .E5

Northern Renaissance Art, 1400-1600: Sources and Documents in the History of Art Art N6370.N67 1989 c.1-c.2
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In Print
Barockthemen: Eine Auswahl von Verzeichnissen zur Ikonographie des 17. und 1 Art Ref. N6415.B3 P5 1974 Bd. 1-3
Iconographic themes common in Baroque art and the artists who depicted them; covers both religious and secular subjects. OBIS record

Baroque Art: A Topical Dictionary Art Ref. N 6415 .B3 E18 1996
Defines themes and subjects common in Baroque art.  OBIS record

Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. (Hall) Art Library Reference, N 7560 .H34 2008
Themes common in western art in the Renaissance period and later; particularly useful for classical and Christian themes.  Includes persons and personifications; objects and attributes; and well known narratives (e.g., The Raising of Lazarus).

Iconographie de l'Art Chrétien (Réau) Art Reference N7830 .R37 vol. 1-3
Use to trace the development of themes, motifs, biblical stories and characters mostly from Medieval - Baroque artwork in the west. In French.  OBIS record

Iconography of the Saints in Italian Painting from its Beginnings to the Early XVIth Century (Kaftal) Art Ref. N 8080 .K25... vol. 1-4
Paintings, mosaics and frescoes from the 2nd to the early 16th century are covered. Use to identify saints popular in the four regions of Italy. Also useful for cited literary sources and bibliographies.

Iconography of the Counter Reformation in the Netherlands: Heaven on Earth Art Ref. N7953.A1K71 1974 vols.1-2
OBIS record

Iconography of Christian Art/ Ikonographie der Christlichen Kunst (Schiller) Art Ref. N 7830 .S3513
Comprehensive tool for the study of Christian iconography, covers origin & development of each person or event & their relation to biblical texts, dogma, liturgy, devotional writing, & religious trends. OBIS record

Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1990s Art Ref. NX 650 .M9 R45 1993
Identifies Greek and Roman mythological figures in 30,000+ western European and north American visual and performing arts from 1300-1900. OBIS Record

Renaissance Art: A Topical Dictionary. Art Ref. N6370.E27 1987
Covers the subjects, iconography and themes found in Renaissance and Baroque art; techniques and media covered as well. OBIS record
Renaissance Collections in ARTstor
Digital library of more than 1million images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and social sciences with a wide breadth and depth of arts and visual cultures.  

Online and in Print
Illustrated Bartsch Unrestricted Resource Resource contains images
Prints by 500 German, Netherlandish, and Italian artists from 1400 – 1700, with scholarly commentary.  Use to locate Renaissance prints by artist, subject, or nationality.  The full collection is available in print (Art Library, NE 90 .B23 i4 OBIS record). Out-of-print volumes are available online via ARTstor.

In Print
Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard: An Illustrated Catalogue Raisonné of the Work of Peter Paul Rubens Based on the Material Assembled by the Late Dr. Ludwig Burchard in Twenty-Six Parts. Art ND 673.R9 C63 pts. 1 - 26
Attempt to assemble all Ruben’s scholarship in one place; a definitive catalogue raisonné of Rubens' work arranged thematically, each volume by a noted scholar. OBIS record

Critical and Historical Corpus of Florentine Painting Art ND621.F7O37 sect. 3 vol. 1-sect. 4 vol. 1
Essentially a list of all known Florentine Renaissance paitnings. Complemented by Richard Fremantle's Florentine Gothic Painters From Giotto to Masaccio: A Guide to Painting in and Near Florence 1300 to 1450. OBIS record

Italian Pictures of the Renaissance: A List of the Principal Artists and their Works With an Index of Places. Art 759.5B45ItF vols. 1-2
An important collection for the study of Renaissance art, covering all known paintings from the Italian Renaissance. A companion to Bernard Berenson's The Italian painters of the RenaissanceOBIS record
Museum collections
Joconde: French museum collections
Objects  from 140+ museums across France; those in the public domain have images. Select "avec image" for records with images. Use for sophisticated subject searching (in French) or for works by specific French or European artists.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY
Search the collections of the largest museum in the United States.  The Met's collections are encyclopedic and cover art worldwide.

National Gallery, London - Paintings
A complete list of paintings by each artist in the collection.  Use to search for specific artists.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
Records for all 100,000+ objects in the Gallery's collection, many with images.  Use to search for specific artists.

Victoria & Albert Museum: Collections
The V&A is the world’s leading museum of art and design, housing a permanent collection of over 2.3 million objects that span over 5,000 years of human creativity. The Museum holds many of the UK's national collections and houses some of the greatest resources for the study of architecture, furniture, fashion, textiles, photography, sculpture, painting, jewellery, glass, ceramics, book arts, Asian art and design, theatre and performance.  [From the website]
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