19th century sources
19th Century Masterfile  
Includes citations from: Poole's Index to Periodical Literature (1802-1906); Stead's Index to Periodicals (1890-1906); Richardson's Index to Periodical Articles in Religion (1890-1899); Cumulative Index to a Selected List of Periodicals (1896-1899); Jones and Chipman Index to Legal Periodical Literature (1786-1922)
Dates of Coverage: 1802-1906

Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals 
- Contents of 42 art journals indexed completely (even ads)
- Nearly every 19thc art journal published in the US

Nineteenth Century Collections Online 
Subjects covered include:
- British politics and society
- European literature 1790-1840
- the Corvey Collection
- Asia and the West
- Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
- British theatre, music, and literature: high and popular Culture
Includes a variety of material types:
--books, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, statistics, and more.
Allen Memorial Art Museum (AMAM)
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Background & context
Art nouveau by Stephen Escritt
Art Lib. N 6465 .A7 E737 2000;  OBIS record
From the Phaidon Art & ideas series

Impressionism : origins, practice, reception
Art Lib. ND 547.5.I4 T56 2000; OBIS record
Part 1: Origins
Part 2: Practice and Reception
Impressionism by James H. Rubin
Art Lib. ND 192 .I4 R83 1999; OBIS record 
From the Phaidon Art & ideas series

Neoclassicism by David Irwin

Art Lib. N 6425 .N4 I7 1997; OBIS record 
From the Phaidon Art & ideas series
Romanticism by David Blayney Brown
Art Lib. N 6465 .R6 B769 2001; OBIS record 
From the Phaidon Art & ideas series
OBIS subject headings
 France (place); French (people & culture)
Art, French
France --
Painting, French
Painting -- France
Bronze sculpture, French
Bronze sculpture -- France
Art and religion
Art and society
Art and state
Art criticism
Art -- Political aspects
People and Organizations
Salon (Exhibition: Paris, France)
Artists and patrons
Styles & movements
Barbizon school
Expressionism (Art)
Impressionism (Art)
Nabis (Group of artists)
Neoclassicism (Art)
Neo-impressionism (Art)
Plein air painting
Post-impressionism (Art)
Realism in art
Romanticism -- France
Romanticism in art
Symbolism (Art movement)
Landscape painting, French
Mythology, Classical, in art
Portrait painting, French  

See "Finding Primary Sources in OBIS" for more information
Primary sources
Gallica Digital Library 
Over a million documents accessible for free: Books, Manuscripts, Maps, Images, Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals, Sound records, Music, Scores, e-Books

A sourcebook of Gauguin's symbolist followers: Les Nabis, Pont-Aven, Rose + Croix
Print: Art Lib. Z 5961 .E8 C57 2004 (library use only) 
Four French symbolists: a sourcebook on Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, Gustave Moreau, Odilon Redon, and Maurice Denis
Print: Art Lib. N 6847.5 .N3 C64 1996;   OBIS record

Neo-impressionist painters...

Print: Art Lib. ND 547 .C54 1999; OBIS record 
... a sourcebook on Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Paul Signac, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Henri Edmond Cross, Charles Angrand, Maximilien Luce, and Albert Dubois-Pillet
Neoclassicism and romanticism, 1750-1850; sources and documents 
Print: Art Lib. 709.03 Ei95N vol. 1&2 ; 
OBIS record
Compiles excerpts from important texts in translation. Critical essays and bibliographies are also included. 
v. 1. Enlightenment/Revolution
v. 2. Restoration/Twilight of humanism

The realist debate: a bibliography of French realist painting, 1830-1885 
Print: Z 5949 .F8 W45 1984;  OBIS record
Fact Checking: Dates, Names, Places
Union List of Artists' Names (ULAN)  - For alternate names and spellings
Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) - For place names and their variants
Timeline of Art History - Includes images
All Items by Source Type


Art Index Retrospective (1929-1984) Restricted Resource
Indexes 350 art magazines and journals covering 
pre-history to contemporary art. 

Indexes the Allen Memorial Art Museum Bulletin
ARTbibliographies MODERN Restricted Resource
Index to more than 300 international art journals & magazines covering art in the late 19thc to date.
Includes the fine arts and new media but no architecture. 
Also indexes exhibition catalogs, books and essays in books. 

Dates of Coverage: 1969 to date

Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) (1975-2007)
Index to more than. 1,200 North American and European journals covering Western Art from the Late Christian (ca. 300 CE) to the present.
Succeeded by International Bibliography of Art

JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available
Scholarly journal archive for the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences;  recent volumes (within 2 to 5 years) not available for many titles.


Concise Encyclopedia of Symbolism
Print Location: Art Ref. NX 600 .S95 C3713 1979
 Translation of: Encyclopédie du symbolisme
Encyclopedia of impressionism
Print Location: Art Lib. ND 547.5 .I4 H7 1997
 OBIS record
Grove Art Online Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images

Most comprehensive art encyclopedia available in English; Excellent bibliographies; Covers art broadly defined (traditional & new media, decorative arts, performance, dance, ritual, jewelry, etc.) worldwide from pre-history to the present.

note: Part of Oxford Art Online, a suite of four art encyclopedias
Historical Dictionary Of Romantic Art And Architecture
From the publisher:
... an overview of Romanticism, focusing on its major artists, architects, stylistic subcategories, ideas, and historical framework
From the Historical dictionaries of literature and the arts series


Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art
Print Location: Art Ref. N 7560 .H34 2008
- Themes common in western art from the Renaissance and later
- Esp. strong in classical and/or Christian themes
- Concepts covered include: 
  > persons and personifications
  > objects, especially attributes
  > common events (e.g., The Raising of Lazarus)

Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts, 1300-1990s
Print Location: Art Ref. NX 650 .M9 R45 1993
- Lists occurances of Greek and Roman mythological figures in 30,000+ western european and north american visual and performing arts
- Late Middle Ages to the end of the 20th century
- Entries briefly describe the mythological figure or theme, note classical sources, and chronologically notes its appearance in the fine arts, music, dance and literature


Google Image Search Resource contains images
Two ways to search
1. Search terms (like typical Google searching)
2. Color / pattern matching -  find images similar to one you  already have:
* Drag and drop the image into the search box
* Upload the image (with the camera icon) 
* Copy and paste the image URL
* Right click the image (only with Chrome or Firefox extension)
Joconde: French museum collections Resource contains images
Objects  from 140+ museums across France
Images for works in the public domain (over 50%)
Select "avec image" for records with images
Allows sophisticated subject searching (in French)

Museums & Galleries

Atlas Database of Exhibits: Musée du Louvre Resource contains images
All exhibited works (approx. 30,000 objects)
The English version has 22,000 objects:
Near Eastern Antiquities:
3500 works
Islamic Art:
1120 works
Egyptian Antiquities:
3000 works
Greek, Etruscan, & Roman Antiquities:
4000 works
Decorative Arts:
5500 works
1500 works
3300 works
Prints and Drawings:
    80 works

British Museum Collections Database Resource contains images
The British Museum collection of seven million objects is rich with cultural artifacts from ancient civilizations around the world.  Its Collections Database (updated weekly) contains records for almost 2 million objects, 577,000 of which have one or more images. 
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, NY Resource contains images
Objects and related material from the permanent collection
Large number of high quality digital images
Also of use
Pronunciation guides for artist's names
Klee as in Clay: A pronunciation guide. Art Ref. NX 163 .M3 1992
Pronunciation Dictionary of Artists' Names.  Art Ref. N 40 .K3 1993
Elsevier's Dictionary of Art History Terms: in French-English and English-French.  
Art Ref. N33 .E49 2005 
Bilingual dictionary of art terms

Pronunciation websites Howjsay
Writing resources for Art History webguide (including information about the Art Writing tutors in the Art Library)

Schedule a Research Appointment with the Art Librarian
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