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Almanacs & Yearbooks

Zasshi kiji sakuin shusei detabesu (Koseisha - Zassaku-plus)
Complete database for Japanese magazines and periodicals from the Meiji era to the present. Index to periodical articles published in Japanese, including those in former Japanese colonies, and local periodicals not present in many other indexes. Coverage is from 1868 onwards. 

Audio Files

J-Pod Resource contains audio
J-Pod is a podcast portal site of J-WAVE. 
Applications can be downloaded to PC or portable players. (Search "J-WAVE" in iTune's Podcast)
Voice Blog (Japan) Resource contains audio
A Japanese podcast website which covers music, internet radio, news, voice diary, language learning and etc. 

Atlases & Maps

Historical Agro-Environment Browsing System (National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences) Resource contains images
Includes nearly 900 map sheets of rapid survey maps, covering the Kanto Region surrounding Tokyo. Provides detailed land use information in the areas during 1880s.
Japanese Historical Map Collection at UC Berkeley Resource contains images
The Japanese Historical Map Collection contains about 2,300 early maps of Japan and the World. The collection was acquired by the University of California from the Mitsui family in 1949, and is housed on the Berkeley campus in the East Asian Library. Represented in this online collection are over 1100 images of maps and books from this Collection. The maps were selected by Yuki Ishimatsu, Head of Japanese Collections at the East Asian Library, and scanned and put online by David Rumsey and Cartography Associates.


Academic Search Complete Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
Multidisciplinary - good for nearly all subjects. Scholarly and trade journals, popular magazines, newspapers, conference proceedings, book reviews, and more.
Bibliography of Asian Studies (1971 to date) Restricted Resource
Indexes English language articles on all aspects of  East, Southeast, and South Asian culture.  
CiNii Articles
CiNii Article Database is a Japanese scholarly journal index. Abstracts are available. Includes NDL Zasshi Kiji Sakuin search. Many full text articles from Daigaku Kiyo are available in pdf. Can search holding institutions. Can save your bibliographic information in three different formats.
CiNii Articles Database is developed and managed by the National Institute of Informatics (NII)

Main databases included in CiNii Articles:

  1. Electronic Library Service Academic Society Journals (National Institute of Informatics)
  2. Electronic Library Service Research Bulletins (joint input from each university)
  3. Citation Database for Japanese Publications (National Institute of Informatics)
  4. Zasshi Kiji Sakuin (National Diet Library)
  5. Institutional Repository (Universities, etc.)   JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online
  6. J-STAGE Journal@rchive (Japan Science and Technology Agency)

HathiTrust Digital Library Some full text available
HathiTrust is a repository of digital content from 50 research libraries, including electronic versions of nearly 8 million books at the time of writing.
JAIRO - Japanese Institutional Repositories Online Some full text available
Japanese Institutional Repositories Online, is an index of over 1 million journal articles, dissertations, departmental bulletins, etc, with links to the full text of more than three-quarters of them.
JSTOR Restricted Resource Some full text available
Scholarly journal archive for the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences;  most journals 2-5 years out-of-date
The NDL Zasshi Kiji Sakuin
It is a bibliographic database that provides detailed bibliographic information of many journals published in Japan and received by the National Diet Library (NDL) from 1948 to present. The scope of coverage depends on each journal so please consult with the full list and information @ the Zassaku List. This guide provides some tips for your database search.
World News Connection (1995 - 2013) Restricted Resource Some full text available
Translations and transcripts of news stories from non-U.S. media sources including newspaper articles, conference proceedings, television and radio broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports.  Coverage focuses on socioeconomic, political, scientific, technical, and environmental issues and events.
Dates of Coverage: 1995 - 2013

Dictionaries & Thesauri

Provides English-Japanese, Japanese-English dictionaries online and for downloadings as well as some more specialized dictionaries: computer terminology, terms associated with continuous improvement, marketing and transport. When relevant, the search also goes to the Japanese wikipedia.
Denshi jisho
 Words, kanji and sentences can be searched in either English or Japanese. Includes a bookmarklet which you can drag to the favourites/bookmark bar in your browser and then select a Japanese word on a page, then click the bookmarklet to make a quick lookup on that word.
 Allows you to paste a URL or block of text into the translator, and it provides the Japanese reading and English translation for words. Does Japanese to English, English to Japanese, English to Chinese, and English to Spanish.


Mary Ainsworth Collection of Japanese Artists' Books Resource contains images
Mary A. Ainsworth first traveled to Japan in 1905. Over the next 25 years, she steadily acquired a collection of Japanese prints and books of impressive breadth and depth.  Ainsworth bequeathed her collection to Oberlin College in 1950. 

Library Catalogs

CiNii Books
is a service that enables searching of information on books and journals that are held in university libraries in Japan. It is possible to search for about 10 million titles held in 1200 university libraries (totaled over 100 million books), and about 1.5 million authors of these books that has been accumulated through the online cataloging system (NACSIS-CAT) which NII provides. It is available for anyone without registering.

News & Analysis

Asahi Shimbun
National and international news in Japanese (current news). 
Factiva Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images Resource contains video Resource contains audio
Full-text global news sources, including newspapers, newswires, television and radio transcripts, numerous regional and industry publications, and images from Reuters. Content comes from ~160 countries in 22 languages. 
note: Only 3 Oberlin users at one time.
Mainichi Shimbun
One of the major newspapers in Japan (current news).
Nikkei Telecom 21 Restricted Resource

Resources from more than 500 sources.

  1. 140+ national/regional/specialized newspapers
  2. 140+ national/specialized periodicals
  3. 30+ newswires
  4. 30+ stats, marketing, research information
  5. 40+ International source
  6. Sources include Nikkei newspapers and magazines, Asahi, Yomiuri, Mainichi and Sankei.
  7. Extensive Corporate Profiles, People Search and English sources also available.

Update frequency: Daily. 10,000 added daily.

note: Access for this resource is limited.  Please contact Runxiao Zhu ( for log in information.

Organizations & Associations

North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC)
NCC creates programs and online services to support the research needs of the field of Japanese studies and for users with any interest in Japan, anywhere. This site also provides links to many recommended instructional and topical sites related to Japan.

Primary Sources

Japan Center for Asia Historical Records Resource contains images
Run by the National Archive, the archive provides access to official documents of the Japanese Cabinet, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Army and Navy. It contains historical documents and photographs, maps, drawings, and figures, including photographic magazines such as Shashin Shuho. They also have curated digital exhibits.
Japan Times (1897-2015) Restricted Resource
Full text of all issues of this historically important newspaper covering the years 1897-2015.  Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English-language newspaper and the country’s only independent English-language newspaper today.
Meiji Japan: The Edward Morse Collection from Peabody Essex Museum Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains images
 Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) was one of the first Americans to live in Japan (1858-1925); his archive forms the basis of this website. Use for primary source materials -- diaries, drawings, correspondence, artifacts -- on everyday life as Japan went through several transitions. 
NDL Digital Collection and Exhibitions Some full text available Resource contains images
The National Diet Library offers online galleries of digitized material with detailed English descriptions. The digitized content can be browsed on an English interface; however, the bibliographic information is available only in Japanese and must be searched using Japanese characters as well.  

Video Files

Fuji News Network Resource contains video
It's a commercial television news network in Japan.The website includes a good variety of video clips of current news, entertainment, sports and popular topics.
FNN youtube channel
Japanese Government Internet TV Resource contains video
"Japanese Government Internet TV" is a Website broadcasting videos of the Prime Minister, Cabinet, and important government policies.
Sapporo TV Resource contains video
Sapporo Broadcasting Co.Ltd  (STV)'s media site. 
STV youtube channel
Tokyo Broadcasting System News Portal Site Resource contains video
Japanese current news with video clips. 
TBS youtube channel
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