Christian Saints
In Print
Bible and the Saints Art Ref BS 513.2 .D8313 1994
Lists 500+ Christian saints, biblical characters, and scenes, with attributes; symbolism of plants, religious objects, personifications, numbers, and animals (real & imaginary). OBIS record

Dictionary of saints, being also an index to the revised edition of Alban Butler's Lives of the saints Main 920.8 AT88
OBIS record

How to Distinguish the Saints in Art by their Costumes, Symbols, and Attributes Art N8080.B5 c.1-2
OBIS record

Iconography of the Saints in Italian Painting from its Beginnings to the Early XVIth Century (Kaftal) Art Ref. N 8080 .K25... vol. 1-4
Paintings, mosaics and frescoes from the 2nd to the early 16th century are covered. Use to identify saints popular in the four regions of Italy. Also useful for cited literary sources and bibliographies.

Medieval Hagiography: An Anthology. Main Library, BR 1710 .M39 2000
Lives of saints in translation, each with an introductory essay, notes, and bibliography. OBIS record

Oxford Dictionary of Saints (5th rev. edition, 2011)
Short detailed entries on primarily British saints. Search for attirbutes with the word "emblem".  (1982 edition also available in print: Art Library Reference, BR 1710 .F34 1982)

Post-Biblical Saints Art Index: A locator of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, icons, frescoes, manuscript illuminations, sketches, woodcuts, and engravings, created from the 4th Century to 1950. Art Library Reference N 8079.5 .R63 1994 Restricted Resource Some full text available
Identifies images (in books) of the many saints not mentioned in the Bible.   Includes attributes of the saints. OBIS record

Saints and their Emblems Art Ref. N 8080 .D7 Restricted Resource Some full text available
Biographical dictionary of saints, lists emblems and saints associated with them. A good place to start when trying to determine who a saint is based upon their attributes. OBIS record
Online and in Print
Who's Who in the New Testament Art Ref. BS 2430 .B67 1993
OBIS record

Who's who in the Old Testament Together with the Apocrypha Art Ref. BS 570 .C64 1993
OBIS record

In Print
Medieval Iconography: A Research Guide Art Z5933 .F75 1998

Myth & Religion in European Painting, 1270-1700: The Stories as the Artists Knew Them Art Reference ND1288.B47 1973b
Covers common subjects in European painting: mythology, ancient history, Italian poetry, saints' lives, and the Bible. Quotes from original ancient sources, providing the reader with the texts familiar to European painters of these centuries. OBIS record

Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art. (Hall) Art Library Reference, N 7560 .H34 2008
Themes common in western art in the Renaissance period and later; particularly useful for classical and Christian themes.  Includes persons and personifications; objects and attributes; and well known narratives (e.g., The Raising of Lazarus).

Religious Art in France, Emile Mâle's encyclopedic work, provides context and specifics about French medieval iconography:
  1. Religious Art in France: the Late Middle Ages: A Study of Medieval Iconography and its Sources Art N7949.A1M3313 1986
    OBIS record
  2. Religious Art in France, the Twelfth Century: A Study of the Origins of Medieval Iconography. Art N7949.A1M3413 1978
    OBIS record 
  3. Religious Art in France, the Thirteenth Century: A Study of Medieval Iconography and its Sources. Art N7949.A1M3513 1984
    OBIS record
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Iconography: databases & dictionaries
Illuminated Manuscripts: An Index to Selected Bodleian Library Color Reproductions
10,000 digitized manuscripts dated from 1st through the 20th centuries, majority produced between 11th and 16th centuries.

Index of Christian Art Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Lists art objects, Christian or "within a Christian context"; 100 to 1400 CE; Worldwide but primarily the West    

In Print
Insular and Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts: An Iconographic Catalogue, c. AD 625 to 1100 Art ND3128.O45 1986
Divided into an inventory of manuscripts and an iconographic index, covers manuscripts from late 6th century to 1100 with citations. OBIS record

Medieval Art: A Topical Dictionary Art N7850 .R67 1996 Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Designed to quickly identify and explain "subjects, stories, and themes frequently represented in early Christian, western medieval, and Byzantine art."  OBIS record
Medieval Art: A Topical Dictionary 

Lexikon der Christlichen Ikonographie Art Library Reference, BV150.L4 Bd. 1-8 Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Covers a broad range of Christian symbols and themes: General Iconography ("Allgemeine Ikonographie") and Iconography of the Saints ("Ikonographie der Heiligen"). The index ("Stichwortverzeichnisse") at the end of volume 4 provides German equivalents for English terms.  OBIS record

Index of Jewish Art Art Limited Access N7415.N34 Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Use to locate themes, motifs and narratives in Hebrew illuminated manuscripts dated from the 300 BCE onward.  Provides descriptions and analysis of narratives, subjects, and iconography as well as bibliographies and corresponding manuscript titles. OBIS record

Iconographie de l'Art Chrétien (Réau) Art Reference N7830 .R37 vol. 1-3 Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Use to trace the development of themes, motifs, biblical stories and characters mostly from Medieval - Baroque artwork in the west. In French.  OBIS record

Iconography of Christian Art/ Ikonographie der Christlichen Kunst (Schiller) Art Ref. N 7830 .S3513 Restricted Resource Resource contains images
Comprehensive tool for the study of Christian iconography, covers origin & development of each person or event & their relation to biblical texts, dogma, liturgy, devotional writing, & religious trends. OBIS record
Primary sources
Douay-Rheims Bible
The Douay-Rheims Bible is the English translation closest to the Vulgate, which was used throughout the Middle Ages.

Golden Legend: Readings on the Saints Art Ref. BX4654.J334 1993 vols. 1-2
Popular religious stories about the lives of the saints collected during the 13th century; stories were widely used by Medieval and Renaissance artists. OBIS record

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives
LInks to ancient, Byzantine, and medieval original hagiographic texts - many in translation - along with basic data on the cult of saints

Metamorphoses. by Ovid Restricted Resource Some full text available
Ovid's Metamorphosis was a source for much of the classical imagery in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods. 
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