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Illuminated Manuscripts
Bodleian Library
Available via ARTstor (on campus access /off campus access).
With more than 10,000 volumes, the Bodleian Library's Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts has one of the greatest collections of Western Medieval manuscripts in the world. In recent years, the Bodleian Library has — with support from the Getty Trust — been developing an Electronic Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts. The library's collaboration with ARTstor builds upon the foundation laid through that important effort. Through this partnership, ARTstor has digitized virtually all of the illuminated manuscript leaves from Bodleian manuscripts through the 16th century, as well as selected 19th- and 20th- century manuscripts in the Medieval tradition. The collection also includes significant bindings, illuminated initials, and text pages. The present collaboration has made this rich body of visual material and related scholarship available online and at high resolution for the first time.

British Library's Digital Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts
The British Library, Manuscript Collections contains "...some of the western illuminated manuscripts in the British Library. The Library holds one of the richest collections of medieval and renaissance manuscripts in the world, and aims to provide access to images and information about its manuscripts to students, scholars, and the general public. The Catalogue includes descriptions and images of western manuscripts with pictorial and decorative embellishments from fully painted minuatures to decorated initials." Image quality can vary.

Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada
Print Location: Art Z6620.U5R5 vols. 1-3
An inventory of both private and public collections. Provenance is provided for many titles. Commonly referred to as "de Ricci." Scholarship is current through the early 1930's. See also the Supplement which updates the scholarship through the 1960's.
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Columbia University's Digital Scriptorium
The Digital Scriptorium is an imagebase of medieval and renaissance manuscripts, intended to unite scattered resources from many institutions into an international tool for teaching and scholarly research. Special emphasis is placed on dated manuscripts, to provide ready access to these touchstone materials that will ultimately advance the entire field.

CORSAIR: The Online Research Resource of the Pierpont Morgan Library
CORSAIR comprehensively documents the rich and eclectiv holding of The Pierpont Morgan Library. This includes material traditionally found in library collections (printed books and serials, manuscripts, music) and material traditionally found in museum collections (illuminated manuscripts, drawings and prints, ancient Near Eastern seals, and art objects). CORSAIR also contains links to online research resources, such as detailed descriptions and bibliographies of medieval and Renaissance manuscripts and guides to the various collections for researchers. Thus CORSAIR is the comprehensive "online collections catalog" of the Pierpont Morgan Library. It is also the gateway to online research resources supporting research on the Library's collections.

Enluminures: La Base Enluminures
Co-produced by the Service du livre et de la lecture et l'Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes (CNRS) who have worked conjointly since 1979, La Base Enluminures allows free access to over 120,000 organized thumbnail and full-size images of more than 5000 medieval manuscripts aggregated from French municipal libraries.

French Painting in the Time of Jean de Berry:
Print Location: Art Library 759.4 M478FR; 759.4 M478F vol. 1&2;  ND3147.M38 1974  vol. 1&2

The Boucicaut master.
Art Library 759.4 M478FR 
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The late Fourteenth century and the patronage of the Duke. 
Art Library  759.4 M478F vol. 1&2
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The Limbourgs and their contemporaries.
Art Library ND3147.M38 1974  vol. 1&2
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Mandragore, Base des Manuscrits Enluminés de la B.N.F
Mandragore has more than 170,000 records describing illuminated texts  in the Bibliothéque Nationale's Department of Manuscripts and Library of the Arsenal, the oldest of which go back to the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs up through the present day. Records may be searched using a rich vocabulary of more than 18,000 descriptors. Each record describes the decoration, background on the text, production details, place and date, including the artist when known. Currently more than 80,000 records are accompanied by a digital image.

Omne Bonum: A Fourteenth-Century Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge: British Library MSS Royal 6 E VI-6 E VII.
Print Location: Main Oversize AE2.L463 S26 1996 vols. 1-2
A facsimile of a mid-14th century English encyclopedia
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Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in France
Print Record: Art Oversize ND3147 .S87 1996 pt. 1, vols. 1-2
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Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles
Print Location: Art Oversize ND3128.K35 vols 1-6 pt. 2
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Corpus de la Peinture des Anciens Pays-Bas Méridionaux et de la Principauté de Liège au Quinzième Siècle
Print Location: Art ND665.P66 vol.17-
Arranged by museum, each work has a separate entry, which includes artist, title, physical description, discussion of iconography, history of the piece (including provenance), copies/studies/etc., opinion of the author, an extensive bibliography including archival sources, a list of illustrations, and extensive black and white photos including details.
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Deutsche Malerei der Gotik
Print Location: Art Flat 736G572 vols. 1-4
Census of illuminated books and manuscripts in Germany. A summary English treatment of this text appears in Stange’s German painting, XIV-XVI centuries.
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Early Netherlandish Painting (English Translation)
Print Location: Art 759.949.3F913AE vol. 1 c.2-vol. 9 pt. 1
14-volume illustrated catalogue of the major Netherlandish artists, arranged by artist.  Excellent reference work, and great to flip through.
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Les Primitifs Flamands
Print Location: Art Library ND665 .P66 (I, 1951- ); ND 665 .P663 (II, v.1-5); ND 665 .P664 (III, v.1-  )
- Arranged by museum
- Includes index by work
- Entries include: artist, title, physical description, discussion of iconography, history of the piece (including provenance), copies/studies/etc., opinion of the author, an extensive bibliography including archival sources, a list of illustrations, and extensive black and white photos including details.
I.  Corpus de la Peinture des Anciens Pays-Bas Méridionaux au Quinzième Siècle. ND 665 .P66 (1951- present)
II. Répertoire des peintures flamandes des quinzième et seizième siècles. ND 665 .P663 vol. 1-5
III. Contributions à l'étude des primitifs flamands. ND 665 .P664, (v. 1 -  present)
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Sculpture (including metalwork & ivories)
Die Elfenbeinskulpturen
Print Location: Art Flat  736G572 vols. 1-4
This multi-volume work, a corpus of medieval ivories, contains many black and white reproductions throughout.
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Emaux Meridionaux: Catalogue International de l'oeuvre de Limoges. [metalwork]
Print Location: Art Oversize NK5004.F8 G38 1987  t. 1
Corpus of medieval enamels which, when finished, should be quite extensive. Only one volume has been published so far.
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Golden Age of Ivory: Gothic Carvings in North American Collections
Print Location: Art NK5875 .R35 1993
Companion volume to: Masterpieces of ivory from the Walters Art Gallery (Art NK 5810.B3 W34 1985), a catalog of the Walter's ivory collection.
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Gothic Ivories Project
Over 2,800* images of Gothic Ivory objects. "The Gothic Ivories Project, launched at the Courtauld Institute in October 2008, is an electronic catalogue bringing together images and information about Gothic ivories now scattered in collections around the world." Images are added regularly, and the project will ultimately contain images of 3500/4000 objects.

Gothic Sculpture in America
Print Location: Art NB180.G6 1989 vols. 1-2
An ambitious series which, when completed, will list all Gothic sculpture in American museums. Two volumes are completed to date. An index provides access by artist or originating culture.
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Introduction to Italian Sculpture
Print Location: 11.P6 pt.1-3
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Les Ivoires Gothiques Francais
Print Location: Art Limited Access Regular 736K818I plates, vols. 1-2
Volume 1 discusses different types of ivories and gives their date and provenance.
Volume 2 is a catalog of images. Both religious and secular ivories are included.
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Romanesque Sculpture in American Collections
Print Location: NB175.C33 vols.1-2
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Romanesque Sculpture of the Pilgrimage Roads
Print Location: Art 734P833  vol. 1 c.2-vol. 10 c.2
Beginning with 11th century examples, this multi-volume text provides in-depth descriptions of Romanesque sculpture along the pilgrimage route through France, Spain and Italy. Many volumes contain black and white reproductions.
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Cathedrals & Monastic Buildings in the British Isles
Print Location: Art NA5461.C165 pt. 1-10
This series publishes works of sculpture and architecture in the public domain drawn from the photographic collections in the Witt and Conway Libraries of the Courtauld Institute, London.
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Chartress: Cathedral of Notre-Dame - Image Collection
"Chartres Cathedral is among the best preserved of the major French cathedrals, with extensive programs of sculpture and stained glass. It was a major site of pilgrimage in honor of the Virgin Mary, to whom the cathedral is dedicated." .... "This website provides access to a comprehensive collection of images and detailed descriptions of Chartres Cathedral."

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