Trade Data
Exports and imports of countries by product expressed in aggregate in US dollars and unit values

International Trade Statistics Yearbook
Overview of latest trends of trade in goods and services of most countries and areas in the world

Foreign Trade Data (U.S. Census Bureau)
Includes data for entire U.S. and by state
International Law & Organizations
International Organizations
A guide to major intergovernmental organizations, regional organzations, and non-governmental organizations


Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements
Main Reference KZ4968 .O84 2003 vols. 1 - 4

Encyclopedia of Historical Treaties and Alliances
Main Reference KZ 1160 .P48 2001 vols. 1 - 2

The Major International Treaties of the Twentieth Century: A History and Guide with Texts
Main Reference KZ64 .G74 2001 vols. 1 & 2


UN Treaty Collection
The Secretary-General of the United Nations is the depositary of more than 560 multilateral treaties which cover a broad range of subject matters such as human rights, disarmament and protection of the environment.

International Courts

Legal Dictionaries

Handbook of International Law
Main Reference KZ 3410 .A97 2005 

International Law Dictionary
Main Reference JX 1226 .B57 1987

Black's Law Dictionary 
Main Reference KF156 .B53 2004

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Business & Economics
Business Source Complete Restricted Resource Some full text available
Access to business journals, case studies, company profiles and market research reports, covering all aspects of business, management, finance, accounting, and economics.

EconLit Restricted Resource Some full text available
Comprehensive index of economic literature, including journal articles, working papers, dissertations, and books. Also includes full text for hundreds of journals.  Dates of coverage: 1886 to date

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See also Statistics & Data
CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online) Restricted Resource Some full text available Resource contains video
Includes working papers, policy briefs, case studies, videos and course packs, as well as journal articles and books.  Sources range from NGOs and think tanks to university-based research institutes. Dates of Coverage: 1991-

Hein Online - Law and Government Unrestricted Resource Some full text available
Legal periodicals, case law, foreign and international law, documents and treaties, U.S. federal government information.

PAIS Index (Public Affairs Information Service) Restricted Resource
Covers all aspects of U.S. public policy and international affairs.  Includes references to journal articles, books, government documents, grey literature, research reports and documents by NGOs, conference papers, and statistical reports.

Dates of Coverage: 1915 to date

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts Restricted Resource
Articles, book chapters, dissertations, working papers, and conference proceedings in all fields of political science, including international relations, international law, and public administration and policy.   Dates of Coverage: 1975--

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Magazines & Trade publications
Academic Search Complete
Includes some magazines and trade publications

Trade publications share industry-specific information, including business or field-related reporting, and information on market trends.

Search "trade publications" + [industry] in Google to find names of prominent publications. Look for publications produced by known trade or labor organizations.
News and newspapers
Scanned newspapers from small- and medium-sized towns across the US with some international coverage. 

Full-text global news sources, including newspapers, newswires, television and radio transcripts, numerous regional and industry publications, and images from Reuters. Content comes from ~160 countries in 22 languages. 

A wide range of news, political, legal, and business information from thousands of sources, mostly full text. Includes newspapers, magazines, wire services, federal and state court opinions, federal and state statutes, federal regulations, and SEC filings. News information is updated daily and wire services several times daily.  

*See the NEWS AND NEWSPAPERS section of the library’s web page for finding guides to current and historical major US newspapers. 
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