Sewing History
"Make it Yourself" : Home Sewing, Gender, and Culture, 1890-1930
Print Location: Main TT715.G67 2009
-Text describing why women sew.
Women, Work, and Representation
Print Location: Main PR468.N4 A44 2003 
-History of women sewing as a necessity, as work.
Tools and Toys of Stitchery, 1928
Print Location: Art 746W589T 
-Hundreds of tools used for stitching with pictures and descriptions.
Girlhood Embroidery I & II
Print Location: Art NK9112.R57 1993 vol. 1&2
-American samplers & pictorial needlework 1650-1850, needlework in women’s education.
English and Other Needlework Tapestries and Textiles, 1960
Print Location: Art 746Un8E
-Museum collections of needlework pictures representing a special form of household art usually created by “ladies of quality” from 9 countries.
Embroidery Through the Ages, 1977
Print Location: NK9201.N483 G37213 (Art)
-Glossary of embroidery stitches included.
The Joan Stephens Collection- Important Samplers and Pictorial Needlework
Print Location: Art NK9103.S74 1997
-Auction catalog of needlework supplies and samplers.
Needlework Through History: An Encyclopedia
Print Location: Art Reference TT750.L48 2007
-Survey of cultural traditions in needlework throughout the world.
American Needlework, 1938
Print Location: Art 746H213A
-History of Decorative Stitchery and Embroidery from the late 16th to the 20th century with color examples.
Women and the Material Culture of Needlework & Textiles 1750-1950
Print Location: Art NK8809.W66 2009
-Essays on fiber artists including embroidery, knitting, crocheting, machine stitching, rug making, weaving and quilting. Redefining what counts as art by women.
English Embroidery from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1580-1700
Print Location: Art NK9243.E54 2008
-Prominent collection of embroidered objects from England.
Dress in Detail from Around the World
Print Location: Art GT2050.D74 2002
-Embroidered Necklines, fastenings, cuffs; pleats and gathers; applied decoration.

Woth to Dior
Print Location: Art NK4710.N38 1993
OBIS record
-Collection of National Gallery of Victoria fashions from 1860-1960. Embroideries, embellishments, shoes & hats.

Arts & Crafts Movement
Textiles of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Print Location: Art NK8943 .P37 2005
-Arts & Crafts embroideries, applique and textiles. -Bios on designers.
American Arts And Crafts Textiles
Print Location: Art NK8812 .A47 2002
-Design principles, textiles in the home and in clothing, construction.
Gustav Stickley and the American Arts and Crafts Movement
Print Location: Art NK2439.S8 A4 2010
-A few examples of textiles with arts & craft embroideries.
The Art Crafts for Beginners, 1904
Print Location: Main Storage 740 Sa57
-Basic Arts & Crafts designs.

The Arts & Crafts of Newcomb Pottery
Print Location: Art NK4340.N47 C66 2013
OBIS record
- Unique examples of Arts & Crafts embroidered table runners and purses.
Contemporary Stitching
Rosemarie Beck
Print Location: Art NK9298 B42 A4 2004
OBIS record
-Embroidered fabric artist.

Pricked Extreme Embroidery
Print Location: Art NK9210 M33 2007 
-21st century contemporary embroideries.

Focus on Features
Print Location: Art TT779 A523 1998
-Embroidered and appliqued portraits. Directions and examples.

Deidre Scherer-Work in Fabric & Thread
Print Location: Art NK9315.S34 1998
-Uses of fabric and zigzag stitching for portraits and still life.

The Home Needle, 1882.
Print Location: Storage 646.43 C473H
OBIS record
-Rudiment of dress-making, mending, patchwork quilt directions.

Couture Sewing Techniques
Print Location: Main TT515.S483 2001
OBIS record
-Edge finishes, closures, couture techniques.

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Embroidery Education
Art in Needlework, A Book about Embroidery, 4th ed.
Print Location: Storage 746D332A
OBIS record
-Descriptions and directions of 27 embroidery stitches.
Old Sinhalese Embroidery, 1906.
Print Location: Art 746C78
OBIS record
-Stitch instructions, examples.
Handicraft for Girls, 1910.
Print Location: Storage 746M176
OBIS record
-Suggestions for teaching basics of sewing, projects, description of stitches, textiles, basketry.

Embroidery Lessons
Print Location: Storage 746B731 1909
OBIS record
-Embroidery examples of kits that could have been ordered.

Embroidered Samplers
Print Location: Art NK9102.N5 C58 1984
OBIS record
-Collection of b&w pictures of samplers which includes clear pictures of stitches used (printed inside back and front covers).
The Artistic Crafts Series of Technical Handbooks, 4th ed.
Print Location: Art 746C463E
OBIS record
-Extensive directions, drawings, description of embroidery and tapestry stitches and weaving.
Plain and Fancy : American Women and their Needlework, 1700-1850, 1st ed.
Print Location: Art NK8812.S835
OBIS record
-American women and their needle work, 1700-1850. Glossary includes detailed instructions for embroidery stitches.
Embroidery Through the Ages
Print Location: Art NK9201.N483 G37213
OBIS record
-Exhibition of embroidered pieces that includes a glossary of embroidery stitches.
Patterns with Potential: To See and To Sew
Print Location: Art Oversize TT753 S23 1984
-Patterns for embroidery shown in Silken Threads and Silent Needles, displayed at the San Antonio Museum of Art in 1984.
Stitchery: Embroidery, Applique, Crewel, 1975.
Print Location: Art TT770.S78
OBIS record
-Directions for Embroidery and Crewel Techniques, machine embroidery, applique. Projects included.
Fabric Art Journals
Print Location: Art Open Reserve TT896.3.S9 2005
OBIS record
-Making, sewing, embellishing journals from cloth and fibers.
Three Hundred Things a Bright Girl Can Do, 1903. 
Print Location: Main Storage 790K287T
OBIS record
-Nice variety of Crochet, embroidery, knitting, bead work.

Soft Surfaces: Visual Research for artists, architects, and designers
Print Location: Art NK8806.J87 2000
OBIS record
-Reference with picture of fabric types, needlework, lace, rugs & fabric structures.

Irish Crochet Lace
Print Edition: Storage 746D58Ir
OBIS record
-Directions and patterns
The Court Crochet Collar and Cuff Book 1847
Print Location: Storage 746W252
OBIS record
-Explanation of stitches, directions, patterns
The Modern Crochet Book
Print Location: Storage 746K68
OBIS record
-Directions and clear b&w photos of crochet trims, braids, designs, and a few projects.
Old World Lace or A Guide for the Lace Lover, 1920.
Print Location: Storage 746 B624
OBIS record
-Clear B&W illustrations and descriptions of 74 varieties of laces

Bobbins of Belgium, 1910.
Print Location: Storage 746K291
OBIS record
-Descriptions of needle-lace and bobbin-lace from the lace districts of Belgium

Bead Work
Bead Work, 1903.
Print Location: Storage 746M838B
OBIS record
-Examples and descriptions of bead work of American Indians and modern work of that day.

How To Do Beadwork, 1904.
Print Location: Storage 746T14
OBIS record
-Directions, drawings, examples of strung chains, looms, canvas, primitive beadwork.

Bead International
Print Location: Art NK3650.B42 2008
OBIS record
-Complete collection of works included in Bead International 2008.
Beadwork: A World Guide
Print Location: Art NK3650.C7 2002
OBIS record
-Bead work examples from around the world. Includes descriptions of a variety of techniques used in pieces.

The Art Crafts for Beginners, 1904.
Print Location: 740 Sa57
OBIS record
-Basic beading plus Arts & Crafts designs
Three Hundred Things a Bright Girl Can Do, 1903.
Print Location: Storage 790K287T
OBIS record
-Nice variety of Crochet, embroidery, knitting, bead work.

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