Q: Fastest & easiest way to find images?
   A: Flip through books in relevant call number sections.        
Q: You've got to be kidding....
   A: It’s true. Call numbers in art are designed to make it easier to find images.
Q: How does it work?
   A: Books with similar images are grouped together:   
      1st line = medium    NA = Architecture
      2nd line = country    NA 1010 = Architecture in Austria
      3rd line = city         NA 1010 .V5 = Architecture, Austria, Vienna                       
The 3rd line varies depending on the medium. For architecture it’s a more specific location; for painting it’s the artist’s name. 
Q: So how do I know what call numbers to use? 
   A: See box #1 to your right... 
2. Get some keywords
Spend 10-15 min. learning about the location, time period and influential people.  Use an art encyclopedia like Grove Art Online ; I looked up "Vienna" and scanned the section on the 18th century:
  - Capital of Austria
  - Wien and Danube rivers and near the Alps & Carpathian mountains
  - Home to German kings, Holy Roman Emperors & Austrian emperors
  - Habsburg royal family made Vienna "one of the most important centers of the Baroque and Rococo in northern

Use this information to create a list of keywords:
  Where: Vienna, Austria 
  When: 18th century, 1700s
  What is the tone (approach)? Royal, rich, luxurious, Baroque, Rococo
  What do I need?  
- Images of royal/ noble / upper class bedrooms in palaces, homes of nobility, castles? (NA, architecture books)
- Household objects of the Hapsburgs, kings, etc. such as furniture, boxes, jewelry, mirrors, etc. (NK Decorative arts)
- Viennese nobility/royality inside their homes  (ND, painting books)
4. Relevant results? Get the call #
When a search results in a number of relevant titles note recurring call numbers and browse those areas in the book stacks.  In the example below the most frequent call number is NA 1010 .V5.  
Titles in the results list do NOT need to match your topic exactly.  Many books below, for instance, are for the wrong century.  That's OK; once you are in the Viennese architecture section you can browse for 18th century architecture books. 
Call numbers by medium
N – Arts in general
NA – Architecture
NB – Sculpture
NC – Drawing
ND – Painting
NE – Printmaking
NK – Decorative arts (ex: household objects)
NX – Multimedia
SB – Gardens, landscape architecture
TR – Photography 
1. Analyze your scene
Analyze your scene, keeping in mind the broad call number areas in the box above.

Example:  An opera set in Vienna in the 18th century; a palace interior bedroom:
  Where: Vienna
  When: 18th century
  What do I need? Images of bedrooms in palaces
  What is the tone (approach)? Royal, rich, luxurious

Where am I likely to find images?

- Palaces or other expensive buildings (castles?) esp. interiors 
   (NA, architecture)
- Pictures of Viennese upper class, maybe even portraits?
   (ND, painting)
3. Do a keyword search in OBIS
- Use * to get all variants:
   vienn* searches for Vienna, Viennese
   palace* searches for palace, palaces
- Start simple:   
   vienn* and palace*
- Too few results? Use or to increase results:
   (vienn* or austria*) and (18th century or 1700s)
- Too many results? Use and to add another keyword:
   vienn* and palace* and 18th century
- Too many irrelevant titles?  
   Select "Modify/Limit Search" and limit your search to the Location  "Art Library":

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