Writing & citations: Art
Short Guide to Writing About Art.  By Sylvan Barnet
How to write a visual (a.k.a. formal) analysis, research papers, critical essays as well as exhibition catalogues, reviews, and opinion pieces. Also addresses using Marxist, Feminist, biographical, psychoanalytic, or iconographical interpretations.  Page 309 explains : how to cite illustrations (through caption).  OBIS record
Writing About Art.   By Marjorie Munsterberg.  
Text supporting her course by the same name taught at The City College of New York.
Visual Literacy: Writing about Art.  By Amy Tucker
Writing visual/formal analyses.  Essay writing strategies. Citation guideslines online resources. Theoretical approaches including biographical, psychanalytic, formalist, Marxist, Feminist, Postcolonial, structualist, poststructuralist, semiotic and iconographic. OBIS record
The Writing Center
Writing Associates (WAs) offer assistance with all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming through final editing. We help define an appropriate topic, organize material, analyze drafts for strengths and weaknesses, develop research strategies, and document sources. WAs are students with lots of writing experience who have been trained in the techniques of effective tutoring.
Location: Mudd Library, 101A -- in the Academic Commons
Researching authors & scholars
Dictionary of Art Historians
An ongoing project; biographies of major art historians of western art history mentioned in art historiographies. Additional names have been added to balance for gender or other neglected categories.

Literature Resource Center
Full-text database that includes author biographies and work overviews, literary criticism, and indexed books, essays, and articles on world literature.
Marquis Who's Who (1985 to date)
Includes:  Who's Who in America Who's Who in the World Who's Who in American History Who's Who in American Art Who's Who in American Politics
Writing & citiations: Multi-disciplinary
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