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    Book History Artifacts

    This collection of (generally uncatalogued) historical museum objects and facsimiles relates to communication technology throughout history.  It was gathered together through discovery and purchase starting in 2001, and has been added to substantially since that time.  These objects range from clay tablets and scrolls, printing presses …

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    Digital Books

    This collection is a miscellany of Oberliniana and materials digitized to support teaching at Oberlin, including Hi-o-Hi volumes digitized for classes recently gathered for commencement reunions.  All books digitized here are also cataloged in OBIS, our online catalog.

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    H.G. May Archaeology of Palestine

    Professor Herbert G. May had a profound interest in the use of visual aids in teaching. His contributions to the Oberlin College School of Divinity’s lantern slide collection include images from companies, books, and his own private images taken during his work on archaeological sites and personal trips to Palestine and the Middle …

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    The illustrations database has been growing piecemeal from a variety of sources since 2010 in response to an interest expressed by both the college’s Allen Art Museum and the Art Department for more access to named artists, illustrators, designers, and techniques relating to images on paper in our flat files and books.  Many of our …

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    Islamic Manuscripts

    This small collection of codices and fragments contains significant examples drawn from both religious and secular literature from multiple time periods and regions.

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    This database is a response to a very generous gift of a map collection by Robert M. Campbell in 2001.  This collection is particularly strong in maps of England, London, New England and inland navigation.  It was decided at that time that cataloging of individual maps would consume too much cataloging resources to be feasible.  This …

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    Mary A. Ainsworth Collection of Japanese Artists’ Books

    Mary A. Ainsworth, an Oberlin College Alumna of 1889, first traveled to Japan in 1905. Over the next 25 years, she steadily acquired a collection of Japanese prints and books of impressive breadth and depth. Ainsworth bequeathed her collection to Oberlin College in 1950. The Oberlin College Library’s portion of the Ainsworth Collection consists of 114 lots amounting to over three hundred volumes of Japanese Artist books. The works are mostly concentrated in the late Edo (1603-1867) and Meiji periods (1868-1912) with a few from the Taisho period (1912-1926). The collection also holds seven wood blocks for printing (two surfaced with etched metal plates). This digital collection has been an ongoing project and currently showcases half of the inventory. Further information is available on the Oberlin College Library Special Collections website

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    Oberlin Evangelist

    This is a complete run ofthe Oberlin Evangelist (1838-1862).  The newspaper is a valuable resource for early Oberlin history and for the intellectual, social, and religious history of the antebellum era..

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    Realia Project

    The REALIA Project publishes faculty-reviewed media for the teaching and study of modern languages and cultures. Faculty and students at all levels are encouraged to contribute materials to our searchable, online database. The focus of the REALIA Project is realia: Materials which convey the everyday life of different cultures.  Further …

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    Western Manuscripts

    This database started with high quality scans of our Medieval Latin, Byzantine, Armenian, Coptic and Russian codices and fragments in manuscript. These images were a response to an invitation to be included in the Digital Scriptorium project in 2008. Since then we have begun to add our significant manuscript holdings relating to other Collections, beginning with old Deeds of Indenture, the War of 1812, Anti-slavery, and select author manuscripts.