Archival Materials


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    Archives Museum Collection

    The Oberlin College Archives Museum Collection consists of a photograph and a description of each 3-D item in record group 35, Museum Items. Most of these items have no connection to other record groups. Explore diverse objects from Oberlin’s history.

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    Archives Visual Study Collection

    Students at Oberlin are often assigned research projects that involve examining historical visual resources at the Archives. In the 2008-2009 academic year students scanned images to use as illustrations in their papers for courses such as Media & Memory, Meanings of the Memorial Arch, and Approaches to Western Architectural …

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    John Frederick Oberlin

    Oberlin College and its town in Ohio were founded in 1833 and named in honor of John Frederick Oberlin (1740-1826), an extraordinary Lutheran pastor who served in a remote region in Alsace until his death in 1826. Oberlin’s founders, having read a biography of J.F. Oberlin published in America in 1830, were inspired to create a new …

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    King-Crane Commission Digital Collection

    During the summer of 1919, a delegation under the leadership of Oberlin College President Henry Churchill King and Chicago businessman Charles R. Crane travelled to areas of the former Ottoman territories. Their mission was to determine the wishes of the people of the region as their future was being determined by the major powers at the …

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    Near East Relief Digital Collection

    Laurence Howland MacDaniels and Frances Cochran MacDaniels (both graduates of the class of 1912 of Oberlin College) volunteered for service in the American Committee for Relief in the Near East (ACRNE), later called Near East Foundation (NEF). This foundation provided relief in the Near East after World War I. The reader can consult …

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    Oberlin and Civil Rights

    The Oberlin College Archives, in collaboration with Oberlin College students of the 1950s and 1960s and the staff of the Alumni Magazine, are collecting materials to document Oberlin and civil rights in this online collection.

    Included in this collection are materials that relate to student involvement in the civil rights movement,

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    Oberlin and Military Service in World War I

    At the close of World War I Oberlinians, like the rest of the nation, thought about the possibilities of a new era of victory and peace. To remember the Oberlin men and women who had participated in the fight “to save the world for democracy,” the College’s …

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    Oberlin and the Civil War

    In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Oberlin College Archives partnered with the Oberlin Heritage Center to build a “Oberlin and the Civil War,” a digital collection of Civil War era items in the Oberlin College Archives. AmeriCorps Ohio History Service Program volunteers serving out of the Oberlin Heritage …

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    Oberlin College Campus Views

    The Campus Views digital collection offers a wide range of types of graphic materials, from nearly the span of Oberlin College’s history. The images, selected from various collections in the Archives, capture the changing built and landscape environment at Oberlin at particular points in space and time, made for various …

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    Oberlin College Historic Portraits

    Oberlin College established the Historic Portrait Collection in 1883 on the occasion of its Jubilee celebration. Beginning with less than ten portraits, the collection’s focus was “to secure, so far as possible, the portraits of the more eminent men and women connected with our …

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    Oberlin College Studetn Publications

    The Oberlin College Student Publications Collection held in the College Archives encompasses print 197 titles, dating from 1858 to the present. Of the total, 5 titles date from the 19th century. The twentieth century is represented in 142 titles. In the 2000s and 2010s, 50 different titles were published. While some publications enjoyed a very long run, many of them were short-lived.

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    Popular Images in the Oberlin College Archives

    In response to popular and scholarly demand for images from the Oberlin College Archives for illustrations in publications, this virtual collection presents some of the most widely circulated images from the extraordinarily rich collections at Oberlin College. The publications in which these images have appeared are cited in image

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    Sela G. Wright Digital Collection

    This collection consists of 19th century Ojibwe language notes and letters from the Sela G. Wright Papers at the Oberlin College Archives.

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    Shansi–Oberlin and Asia

    The Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association, the Oberlin College East Asian Studies Program, and the Oberlin College Archives and Library present this online digital collection that documents the activity of Oberlinians in Asia from the 1880s to the 1950s. This teaching and research collection contains materials from the Oberlin Shansi …