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      Archives Museum Collection

      The Oberlin College Archives Museum Collection consists of a photograph and a description of each 3-D item in record group 35, Museum Items. Most of these items have no connection to other record groups. Explore diverse objects from Oberlin’s history..

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      Book History Artifacts

      This collection of (generally uncatalogued) historical museum objects and facsimiles relates to communication technology throughout history.  It was gathered together through discovery and purchase starting in 2001, and has been added to substantially since that time.  These objects range from clay tablets and scrolls, printing presses …

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      Oberlin College Ethnographic Collection

      The roughly 1600 ethnographic objects comprising this database represent cultures of Africa, Asia, the Pacific and North America. They were collected during the late 19th and early 20th centuries primarily by alumni of Oberlin College who served as missionaries and teachers abroad. The objects, which their collectors perceived largely as …

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      Oberlin College Paleontology Collection

      The Department of Geology at Oberlin College houses an outstanding collection of invertebrate fossils, containing many specimens with great scientific value. The collections date back to the early days of the institution (specimens with low accession numbers were collected by undergraduates and faculty who date to the late 1800’s). The …

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      Oberlin College Visual Resources Image Collection

      This growing collection consists of selected images of architecture, sculpture, painting, and other media from various art historical periods. These images are selected on the basis of the curricular needs of the Oberlin College Department of Art.

      Oberlin College educational use only. Redistribution off campus prohibited.

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      Realia Project

      The REALIA Project publishes faculty-reviewed media for the teaching and study of modern languages and cultures. Faculty and students at all levels are encouraged to contribute materials to our searchable, online database. The focus of the REALIA Project is realia: Materials which convey the everyday life of different cultures.  Further …

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      Roderic C. Knight Musical Instrument Collection

      In 2008, upon his retirement, Oberlin Conservatory Professor of Ethnomusicology Roderic C. Knight donated his personal collection of instruments, some 200 in number, to the Conservatory. In addition to collecting instruments to take to class, he also purchased instruments to be used in performing ensembles, especially his own, in African …